Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Full Match Winner YouTube Highlights Result 30th January

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Full Match Winner YouTube Highlights Result 30th January : Last week I gave out a wishlist for the world of pro wrestling in the spirit of New Year. While the things on the list remain a fantasy until they’re actually fulfilled, let’s take a look into the future that’s right in front of us.

Like any sport nowadays, the human future of pro wrestling is easily discerned by taking a look at who’s taking the “minor leagues” quotation marks as I use the term loosely by storm.

The most memorable match in history was royal rumble 2k13. In Royal Rumble 2013- Dolph Ziggler eliminated by sheamus by 27 orders in 49:47. Chris Jericho eliminated by Dolph Ziggler by order 25 in 47:53. Cody Rhodes eliminated by john Cena by order 12 in 27:39. Sheamus eliminated by Ryback by order 28 in 37:23.Rey Mysterio eliminated by Wade Barrett by order 13 in 15:43.Kane eliminated by Daniel Bryan by order 15 in 1:46.Randy Orton defeated by Ryback by order 26 in 10:20.

When Barrett pulled Dallas he got eliminated.Cesaro threw Bryan outside the rope eliminating him, Kane then dropped Bryan to the right side of the floor eliminating him.sheamus on the corner side threw Otunga over the rope so hard his bones shuffled.Here comes the Mysterio attacking Randy Orton to his back, On left John Cena trying to throw Ziggler off the ring, Ryback makes an entry to the ring and throws ray Mysterio off the ring.Now Orton on the left and Sheamus on the right punching each other on faces.Orton gives the signature move to john Cena and Sheamus too.Ryback stands to eliminate Orton off the ring.John Cena takes stands and throws Ryback off the ring by eliminating him and Winning royal rumble 2013.

Wrestling fans who watch WWE have their knowledge limited to who the official WWE touts as the best prospects even when initiatives by people like randy Orton and Batista have begun to make the company more inclusive to the independents by way of things like the upcoming UK Championship Tournament but we can come up with a list of who’s going to be a big deal off the top of our heads.


So I’ve put together a list of four names wrestling fans should be watching out.Few names will be coming in the WWE itself, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re sure to be bigger stars in 2017 no matter where they are.And they shouldn’t be household names yet. Unfortunately, that means a name like Goldust doesn’t qualify. No worries, though, as these five people are worth the hype.

The next upcoming royal rumble match is on Sunday, Jan 29, 2017.

The following Superstars have been announced for the 2017 match:- Braun Stowman, Kofi Kingston, The Undertaker, Goldberg,  Big Show,  Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Big E, Xavier Woods, The Miz, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Luke Harper, Mojo Rawley, Chris Jericho, Baron Corbin, Cesaro, Sheamus.Brock Lesnar,

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