Nomination Bigg Boss 9 4th January 2015 Written Updates Day 85 BB Wu

Nomination Bigg Boss 9 4th January 2015 Written Updates Day 85 BB Wu :- Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 episode 4th January 2015 written updates bb9 day 85 double trouble 4 jan 85th ep wu summary full hd video colors tv Nomination so guys you are right place here without wasting your time scroll down your page to read details below. Rochelle says to Keith that i used to be fighting for 10minutes however you unbroken silent, once Priya or Mandana is assaultive, i am alone, nobody is there on behalf of me, you dont even apprehend if i’m here or not, she starts to go away, Keith tries to prevent her however Rochelle raise him to go away her, its sensible i’m going out on. Priya says to Mandana that you simplyr beau aforementioned that you do things on that your family doesnt laugh, Mandana says WHO the hell ar you to mention that? Priya says then you furthermore may assume before talking concerning my family, Mandana says you’re low cost, cheap, cheap, get lost. In nominations, inmates ought to write name of contestant on soccer whom they need to nominate and kick it outside house, house door is open for that, one inmate can nominate 2 inmates. Kishwar nominates Rochelle as she feels she is her competition, patrician nominates Rochelle. Priya says Mandana is mentally unstable, Mandana acts like thunder. Mandana nominates Priya and tries to offer reason however Priya interrupts her and says i dont use slangs, i dot get physical, i.. Mandana says she isn’t permitting American state speak, she says Bigg boss sorry i cant do complete this nomination, she puts ball back.

Bigg Boss 9 4th January 2015 Written Updates

Nomination Special

Day 85


The housemates wake up to the old song I am a disco dancer. Rochelle and Rishab dances to song, Prince and Kishwar seems sad.


Rochelle says to Rishab that many people gave me advice that how should i play are now gone, Rishab says thats why i dont give advice to anyone, the one who gives advice become loser, do what you want thats best formula, you can only trust Keith.

mandana says to Priya that you people are so cheap that you listen my conversation with my boyfriend and discuss it, Priya says i didnt listen but Rochelle listened it as it was on speaker, your boyfriend said that he is not proud of you, Mandana says talk was that he said i am proud of you then i asked if my family watches show? he said that they watch it on and off and enjoy it, Priya says everything is discussed in house, you also do that, Mandana says who the hell are you to discuss and say that my family is not proud of me? Priya says you are that Mandana who commented about my marriage, you said that i should give lap dance to Rishab, not me but your family is not proud of you, i am not twisting anything, Rochelle says let me discuss it, Priya says Rochelle it was you who started this topic, you told me about Mandana’s boyfriend’s comment, Rochelle says i never discuss family of anyone, Priya says you have double standards, you and Keith agreed to me, you and Keith were discussing Mandana’s family and now you want to become devi infront of Mandana, Mandana says Keith and Rochelle should not talk about me, Keith says i just said that i have same opinion and left, i didnt discuss it but if someone asks me that Mandana eats more chicken then i will say that yes, she does, you are no one to stop me from giving opinion, Mandana says but why discuss my family? Rochelle says Priya wanted to ignite fight by discussing your family with me, its her idea, Mandana says why you get in her trap then? Priya says Rochelle want to save her ***, Rochelle says atleast i am not fighter cock, Priya says yes you are something else, Rochelle says i am miss india, i am beautiful.


Rochelle says to Keith that when fight was going on, you just said that you had opinion and left, Keith says i just said what i wanted, Rochelle says dont shout, Keith lowers his voice, Rochelle says when Priya was fighting with me, why you didnt speak up? when Kishwar fights, all stand behind her but when Priya is fighting with me, all are laughing at me and no one is there to stand with me, Keith says you are wrong, Rochelle says you never took stand for me infront of Priya, Keith says i was not involved in that discussion, Rochelle says you were there only, Keith says i thought that you discussed about Mandana’s family with Priya, Rochelle says i never discussed it, i just agreed to her and you were with me at that time but you didnt even notice if i discussed it or not, she starts to leave, Keith tries to stop her but Rochelle ask him to leave her, its good i go out this week, she leaves, Keith gets sad.


Prince gives punishment to Mandana and Priya, he makes them stand across from each other with their hands on the other’s shoulders. Priya finds the punishment funny, Prince says you both should repeat “you both are so fools that talking in english in last weeks of show”, Priya and Mandana repeats it, Priya says Mandana is not putting hand on right spot, she says her spit is coming on my face, they stand and repeat words, Prince ask mandana to leave and ask Priya to continue punishment as she is not serious about punishment, Priya says i am enjoying my punishment, who are you to tell me how to bear it? Prince says i am captain and i am telling you to get serious, Priya says you are being unfair, i didnt speak in enligh more than Mandana and still you are giving me more punishment, now i wont do any work of house, Rishab says to Priya that her stuff will be taken, Priya doesnt listen.


Keith says sorry to Rochelle, Rochelle says you thought that i will pass comments on someone’s family? Keith says i thought you discussed it, Rochelle says that means you think i backbite about people? keith says i was wrong, i am sorry, i will not shout at you, he hugs her.

Priya says to Prince that if you think i am going against rules then here is my stuff, take my make up too and put me in store room too and if thats not enough then put me too there, Rishab ask Priya to not overreact, Priya says Prince is always bias when he becomes captain, she leaves her luggage there.


Mandana cries, Kishwar ask what happened? Mandana i am tired here, people talk about my life, my family and my boyfriend, i dont say that its right or wrong but i was clear i clear from start of show to not bring personal life in fights, same thing happened with Nora with that zero comment, Rishab says i called myself zero, Mandana says i am not talking about you, if you dont wanna listen then go out, Rishab says who are you to tell me this? Mandana says you are saying same shit as Priya, Rishab says you are shit, Rochelle sys Rishab what are you doing? cant you see she is crying? Rishab says fine, Mandana says i am sick of people like Priya, Rishab and this house, Rishab says it doesnt matter to me, Mandana says they hurt alot, Rochelle says to Rishab that you are behaving nasty, he says okay, Mandana says rishab is animal, Kishwar says you called us animal too, Mandana says so what? at that time, i thought you people are animals now i think Priya is animal.

Rishab comes to Priya and says Mandana called us animals, i was laughing on her, Priya ask who was with her? Rishab says Rochelle and Kishwar, Priya says nor i am surprised neither hurt, Rishab says its in our favor only, Priya says let them play.

Mandana says to Kishwar that did you see Rishab? Kishwar says dont get affected by his words, its his style to irritate others, dont give him attention, Rochelle says he is fake, he tries to be someone who he is not.


Nomination Time

All are standing in garden.Bigg Boss then announces that there will be open nominations. The front door of the house is opened for the second time this season, each housemate is required to nominate two contestants by writing the desired names on footballs and throwing them out of the house. Priya says its exciting, house door is opened, Kishwar jokes if Suyyash is still outside? bigg boss ask Kishwar to start nominations.

KISHWAR: she nominates PRIYA and says i am her competition and now she is my competition, you know strategy, she writes name of Priya on ball and kicks it of door, she nominates ROCHELLE and ask if she is happy now? she kicks ball out after writing her name.

RISHAB: Rishab says cool group’s master mind is Kishwar and she should go out, he nominates KISHWAR, Kishwar says i wont go out, Rishab says Prince is my competition, he nominates PRINCE.

ROCHELLE: Rochelle says Priya is annoying so if she goes out then it will be peaceful for us and she is my competition, she nominates PRIYA. she nominates RISHAB and says he doesnt seem to much have much support from outside.

MANDANA: Mandana says Rishab might be good from heart but he says he is individual but he is juggling between people, Priya even said that Rishab uses her mind instead of his, she nominates RISHAB. Mandana says i wanna nominate Priya, Priya says she comments about my family, Mandana says if you stop talking then i can nominate you, Mandana says she is so nasty that she passes comments on my family, Priya says as if my family is not my family? Mandana nominates Priya and tries to give reason but Priya interrupts her and says i dont use slangs, i dot get physical, i.. Mandana says she is not allowing me talk, she says Bigg boss sorry i cant do complete this nomination, she puts ball back, Mandana waits, Priya says i have give my point so you can continue now, Mandana nominates PRIYA, Priya says all know you are fake.

PRIYA: she nominates KISHWAR, and says she is my competition, she thinks about 2nd nomination, Kishwar says you are thinking whom to nominate? (pointing at Mandana), Priya says i am nominating ROCHELLE, she juggle between people like football, Mandana calls her psycho, she sings little little, fat fat psycho, Kishwar laughs at Mandana’s antics.

KEITH: he nominates PRIYA and says she said so beautiful things to Priya and also she is my competition. He nominates KISHWAR and says she has given me nomination trophy so now giving her favor back.

PRINCE: Prince says to Priya i have written your name upside down like your mind is upside down, you try to involve in all matters which is not right, you try to make plans and get trapped in it only, he nominates PRIYA, Rishab says it doesnt matter, Kishwar says it matters to you most thats why keep saying doesnt matter to you, Rishab says okay aunty, Kishwar says okay grandpa. Prince nominates RISHAB and says only one lion can survive in jungle and he acts like kid by wearing devil’s cap.

Bigg boss says KEITH, RISHAB, PRIYA, ROCHELLE and KISHWAR, are nominated for this week.


Rishab that to Rochelle that Keith made mistake by not nominating Mandana, if you had nominated Mandana then Prince would have nominated her too, Keith says i calculated that Prince wont nominate Mandana, Kishwar comes and ask why you both didnt nominate Mandana? we dont have any animosity but you nominated me, Rishab says why you nominated me? Kishwar says i didnt nominate you.


Mandana tells Rochelle that she knows where Priya’s stole/shawl is hidden, Rochelle says give it back to her as its er husband’s gift, she is finding it from two day, they come in washroom area, Mandana shows her place where she has hidden it, its behind poster on clothes rack.

Rochelle comes to Priya and says if i give you your stole back then will you stay quiet for one day? Keith sys she cant, Rochelle says then i wont give stole back, Rochelle brings stole, Rishab asks her to give it to Priya, Rochelle says i found her stole but she is ungrateful, she should atleast ask me how i found it.


Priya asks Rochelle where did you hide my stole? Rochelle says i didnt hide it but i wont tell you hiding area, Priya says clearly someone hide it deliberately, Rochelle says its my my drawer. Priya says to Keith that i feel like i am in school, my things are hidden.

Kishwar asks Rochelle who had hidden stole? Rochelle says only me, Mandana, Rimi and Kishwar knows that hiding place.

Priya says to Mandana that do you think this is adult’s behavior that you hide my things? Mandana says you irritate me thats why someone has hidden it, Priya says you find my nature irritable so they are punishing me?

Priya comes to Rishab that Mandana is saying that all feel i am irritable thats why they are punishing me for my nature. on my sipper, it is written “love you from Bhushan and Karma” but it was thrown in garbage bag. Rochelle says to Mandana that if you knew where her stole was then you could have informed her, Mandana says its not my responsibility to give her things to her, Kishwar says she is sentimentally attached to it so you can tell her atleast, Priya says i dont have a photo of my family, this stole is all i have, you can do anything with me Mandana but i cant even say anything.


Mandana comes to Priya and says i wanna say sorry, Priya says i dont wanna listen to you, Priya says to Kishwar that if you had made her realize her mistake then she wouldnt have come to say sorry, Kishwar agrees, Mandana says i came to say sorry to her but she is not listening to me, Priya says if i start doing same behavior with you as yours then you will know, Mandana says you are *****, Priya says this is your apology?


Rochelle says to Priya that i wanna confess something, Rishab says here is “truth’s fake idol”, Rochelle says i might have hide your stole but didnt remember it, i dont even remember if i have hidden it or not, Priya says i kept finding stole but no one answered me, Mandana says once you said that your friend had gifted this stole to you not your husband, Priya says even if my friend gifted to me, i have emotional value attached to it, Rishab says she is bl**dy robber, Priya says am i mad to find it like crazy, Mandana ask Rishab to calm down, Rishab says you are not even equal to my nail, Mandana Karimi, Mandana leaves, Rochelle says Mandana s giving so many explanations so she had stolen it, Kishwar says she said that she didnt take Priya’s words seriously about stole, that means she had stolen it only, Priya says ofcourse she knew that its my favorite stole.


PRECAP- There will be task, there are huge pots placed in garden and sand is filled in it, each inmate will get one pot and they have to protect sand in it from other inmate and there will be fight to get “ticket to Finale”. Prince says that i will irritate others. Rishab tries to protect his pot, Priya says you have gone mad. Inmates try to throw sand from others pot, Kishwar says war is on, Prince says nothing matters now, Priya says you never played individual game, you call yourself lion but you are fox who lie everytime. Priya tries to take out sand from Mandana’s pot, Mandana puts hand in between, Priya tries to remove her hand, Mandana screams and asks her to leave her hand, Rishab says this is happening to her because of her deeds, you steal people’s stuff, Mandana throws sand on Priya’s face and tells her to leave her hand.


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