Who Will Win? MTV Roadies X4 Winner Name 2016 Final Result Gaurav, Balraj or Navdeesh

Who Will Win? MTV Roadies X4 Winner Name 2016 Final Result Gaurav, Balraj or NavdeeshMTV Roadies is a youth-based popular reality television show on MTV India. MTV Roadies is one of the prominent unscripted tv show in India and get gigantic fame between the youth of India season after season. MTV Roadies publicized on MTV India, and it is the adaptation of the appear, Road Rules (1995). So far MTV roadies finished 12 seasons efficiently and went to air season 14 (X4) in the year 2016 and tries out for the same is in the procedure.

Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, the creators of Roadies, had left the show in 2014. They told the media that they wanted to give a chance to the new generation to carry forward the show, and they have done enough to popularize the show. The show features 20 contestants divided into four teams.


MTV Roadies X4 Winner

Balraj and Gaurav from Karan Kundra’s gang and Navdeesh from Prince’s gang have reached the finale of MTV Roadies X4.

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MTV Roadies Winners Name Season Wise

  • MTV Roadies season 1 winner – Rannvijay Singh (2003)
  • MTV Roadies season 2 winner – Ayushman Khurana (2004)
  • MTV Roadies season 3 winner – Parul Shahi (2005)
  • MTV Roadies season 4 winner – Anthony Yeh (2006)
  • MTV Roadies season 5 winner – Ashutosh Kaushik (2007)
  • MTV Roadies season 6 winner – Nauman Sait (2009)
  • MTV Roadies season 7 winner – Answar Syed (2010)
  • MTV Roadies season 8 winner – Aanchal Khurrana (2011)
  • MTV Roadies season 9 winner – Vikash Khoker (2012)
  • MTV Roadies season X winner – Palak Johal (2013)
  • MTV Roadies season X1 winner – Nikhil Sachdeva (2014)
  • MTV Roadies season X2 winner – Prince Narula (2015)
  • MTV Roadies season X4 winner – (2016)

The show features 20 contestants divided into four teams. Each team is represented by one of the judges who call themselves the ‘Gang Leader.’ The names of the participants and team names are below.

Prince Narula’s Gang:

  • Bharti (Delhi Auditions)
  • Navdeesh (Chandigarh Auditions)
  • Yogesh (Pune Auditions)
  • Anamika (Lucknow Auditions)
  • Sunny (Lucknow Auditions)

Rannvijay Singha’s Team:

  • Rubal (Delhi Auditions)
  • Karishma (Delhi Auditions)
  • Tarasha (Delhi Auditions)
  • Tej (Pune Auditions)
  • Hifsa (Lucknow Auditions)

Neha Dhupia’s Team:

  • Anseela (Delhi Auditions)
  • Divya (Delhi Auditions)
  • Satish (Chandigarh Auditions)
  • Rohan (Pune Auditions)
  • Ocean (Lucknow Auditions)

Karan Kundra’s Team:

  • Kavya (Delhi Auditions)
  • Mahamedhaa (Delhi Auditions)
  • Gurav (Chandigarh Auditions)
  • Balraj (Pune Auditions)
  • Saad (Lucknow Auditions)

After quite a while of adrenaline pumping assignments, surviving a few vote outs and each other, Balraj and Gaurav from Karan Kundra’s pack and Navdeesh from Prince’s posse have achieved the finale of MTV Roadies X4. Gaurav, who won a spot in the finale following another opportunity, will be seen contending in the last errand against his pack part Balraj and Prince’s group part Navdeesh. The finale undertaking will see the Roadies fight out the components of – Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

Karan Kundra said, “I am glad that two of my gang members made it to the finals. The task has everything one needs to prove that they’re the real Roadie. Let’s hope the best man wins.”


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Updated: June 17, 2016 — 7:09 pm

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