Masterchef India Season 5 Winner Name Kirti Bhoutika Result 25th Dec 2016 Grand Finale

Masterchef India Season 5 Winner Name Kirti Bhoutika Result 25th Dec 2016 Grand Finale :- The fifth season of Masterchef India has finally reached its grand finale stage after more than two months of the neck to neck competition between the 16 top contestants. These contestants went for numbers of struggles and passed the group stages and semi-final stages and reached the final stage.


The four candidates who have managed to reach the final are Kirti Bhoutika, Dinesh Patel, Mirvaan Vinayak and Ashima Arora. These four contestants will be in the ultimate battle for the big final. Well, people are engaged in guessing who will be a ultimate champion of the show, and we have brought the name that can be announced as the champion of the fifth season.

Masterchef India Season 5 Winner Name

  • Winner:┬áKirti Bhoutika

  • 1st Runner-up: Ashima

  • 2nd Runner-up: Mirvaan


The reports believes that the Dinesh Patel will be the ultimate winner for the fifth season. The young sensation has played really well and been the standout performer throughout the season. The reports revealed that the man would win the show by a close margin as compared to rest of the contestants.

Sonakshi Sinha will be seen as the special guest:


The final of the Masterchef four will witness the presence of the Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha as she will enter the show as the special guest after giving her successful movie Force. Sonakshi Sinha will be seen sharing her habit of trying the very best food from every corner of the show. The actress will join the judges and will be seen sharing the laughing moments.

However, Sonakshi will bring the challenge for the four finalists as they have to impress her by making some delicious and impressive dish for her. The four judges Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapur and Zorawar Kalra will be seen dressed up and explain the final four contestants about the challenge.

Grand Finale Challenge:

The reports suggest that the finals will have to make some home cooked food for Sonakshi, so the actress along with other three judges can decide the winner of the night.

Apart from this challenges, the contestants will be handed over some other challenge also.

Final Procedure:

Once the four contestants complete their task, then three judges and Sonakshi will taste their food and collectively they will reach the result and will declare Dinesh Patel as the winner of the fifth season of the Masterchef India.

Dinesh will be provided with the MasterChef golden chef, and he will be rewarded with the job in a seven-star hotel and apart from this, he will get the chance to represent his food in the upcoming Dubai food collection.

Updated: December 25, 2016 — 10:59 pm

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