Bigg Boss 9 8th January 2016 Written Updates BB9 Day 89 BB Wu 8 jan episode

Bigg Boss 9 8th January 2016 Written Updates BB9 Day 89 BB Wu 8 jan episode :- Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 episode 8th January 2016 written updates bb9 day 89 double trouble 8 jan 89th ep wu summary full hd video colors tv new twist so guys you are right place here without wasting your time scroll down your page to read details below. Kishwar and aristocrat square measure determined to win price tag to finale. Bigg boss will increase prize from 8lac to 10lacs for person exploit house. Priya says its like deal, the person is giving different the price tag to finale whereas taking cash. Mandana says Kishwar that whats your priority cash, friendly relationship or game? kishwar is finite. Bigg boss says to inmates that there’ll be no amendment in choices of this task, one from Kishwar or aristocrat needs to leave from house as expected. aristocrat says to Kishwar that i wanna see my mater papa on finale stage, Kishwar says i actually hope to require right call, we have a tendency to square measure competitors, you have got different competitors in house too, aristocrat says if i’m going to finale then my fans, friends from {punjab|Punjab|geographical square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are reaching to vote on behalf of me alot, Kishwar says if there’s even a hundred and twenty fifth probability of ME winning over you then we have a tendency to shouldnt try this mistake, aristocrat says i’m sorry Bigg boss. All housemates hugs aristocrat and it appears like aristocrat have set to go away, Kishwar whimper.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 89 8th January 2016 Written Updates

Day 89


The classic Deewana Mastana song Head Ya Tail wakes up the housemates on Day 89 in the Bigg Boss house. Priya says to Mandana that this song implies one has to leave house today, Mandana agrees.


Priya is making parathas, Mandana says you are not making it well, Priya says Keith likes it less oily, Priya’s hair falls on flour, she throws that side of flour, Mandana says you cant make prathas, Priya says i have made it earlier too, i make it in my style, Mandana says i will make one and will show you, Priya says let me make it, Mandana says you are real psycho, Priya says i cant be more nicer than this to you, dont get me started, Mandana says i am trying to help you, your hair fell in flour too, Priya says i never cook food while my hairs are open, it happened my mistake, Priya says you can make issue of this too.

Mandana comes to Keith and says Priya’s hairs is falling in flour, Priya says i am not wearing scarf today, i threw flour in which hair fell, i am ill and still making food for all, i am being nice to her, i dont wanna fight, if she wanna make it then you all tell who should cook, Mandana says i was just helping her, Keith says i dont have problem with anyone making it, Mandana says i dont wanna cook it, i just wanted to help you, Priya says fine.

Priya tells Rishab that Mandana have hidden flour as she wants to cook for herself, i will reheat last night’s parathas for you. Rishab comes to Madnana and says why did you hide flour? you wanna make it for yourself then take flour for your paratha but why did you take whole flour? Mandana says i didnt take whole flour, i took flour for my paratha, Keith asks if she has taken more flour than needed for her paratha? Priya says flour was less and Mandana has taken half from it. They come in kitchen, paratha is being burnt, Mandana says i cant eat this, Keith says it got burned by mistake, Mandana shows him flour which she took for her paratha, Keith says i dont wana to talk about food as it looks cheap, you can take as much as flour i want, Mandana says i dont want Priya to make food for me, Priya says let her be.

Priya shows flour to Keith which Mandana took for her paratha, she says its so much that we can make 5parathas from it, Mandana says i will not use it now, why did she touch it? it has become dirty now, Keith says she has touched it, it doesnt matter, Mandana says i will knead more flour for me now, she can use the flour which she touched, Priya says if you act like this then i wil touch everything of yours, you have eaten food cooked by me, i have touched everything in kitchen, dont use it now.

Keith comes to Kishwar and says it feels like we are school. Mandana says to Rishab that your friend is touching everything in kitchen, Rishab says she is cookign food and you can eat your luxury food, we eat like this, Priya says she cant call me untouchable, i have touched everything, Mandana says you can do everything, she dances infront of Priya to tease her, Keith sats you both look like school kids.


Rochelle says i cant survive this attitude, Mandana, Priya and Prince are killing our appetite too, she asks Mandana she feels she will win by behaving this way? mandana says i never start fight, i just defend myself, Prince says i never instigate anyone, why you are bringing me in all this Rochelle? Kishwar says Mandana and Priya wont win like this, Rochelle says sorry to Prince.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we are increasing amount for the one who will press button now, Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs. 9 Lakhs and decreases the winning prize amount to Rs. 41 Lakhs, also prize money will not be increased in any way now, the much it reduced till now will remain same, cant be increased again. Priya says they can increase till 15lacs most, Mandana says it doesnt matter for how much time, they will sit in task, there is one option that one has to leave so they have to make decision in end, Bigg boss also announced that prize money will not be increased again, we have to convince them to leave, Priya says amount matters too, Rochelle says we cant ask someone to take 15lacs and give ticket to finale, Priya says if it was Suyyash of Keith in their Place then things would be changed, Mandana says they are friends, they can decide themselves.


Bigg boss increases amount to 10lacs, Prince says maybe prize money will become 10lacs like this. Kishwar says i wanna win, i dont wanna go like this, Mandana says you are getting money and you will give chance to Prince too to win, Kishwar says i dont want money, Mandana says i will be straight with you, you are nominated, first you will lose money and secondly you called Prince your brother and you are not giving him chance to go to finale, Kishwar says there is not guarantee that i am leaving on saturday.

Priya says if Kishwar thinks that Prince is strong enough to win then Kishwar should take money and leave, Rishab says whats the guarantee that Prince is going to win, Priya says i also think Prince is not going to win, Rishab says all inmates are thinking that task will be discarded, it doesnt matter to me, i just wanna win show, Priya says money matters to me.


Mandana says to Keith that in worst case if Kishwar leaves this week then she will lose money too. Rishab says prize money decreasing doesnt matter to me, Mandana says catch is Kishwar is nominated and can get eliminated, if she takes money and leave then there are chances that her brother prince might win the show, Mandana says for me Prince is strong contender.

Bigg boss increases money to 13lacs and decrease prize money to 37lacs. Mandana is mopping washroom area and says Bigg boss you should announce that Kishwar and Prince have to take decision in 1hour otherwise they are not going to take decision.


Rishab says to Mandana that give him mop, this is his work, Mandana says let me do it, Rishab says okay mop it, thank you for doing my work and i will mop with this mop only, clean it after cleaning floor, Mandana gets silent.

Rishab comes to Priya and says Mandana is tensed, Priya says she is tensed that prize money is decreasing as she thinks she is winner, Kishwar says she should be last person to think about prize money decreasing, she should stay in garden in cold night then she will understand, Rochelle says she wanna show like we are just sitting here and not doing any work.

Mandana says in camera that they are all useless, not doing any work.


Rishab asks Mandana to clean his mop, Mandana says i wont clean it, Rishab says then i will not clean washroom are, Mandana says i have done kitchen work too, you cant clean a mop? Rishab says mopping wasnt your work, Mandana says you think you are going to win show like this? Rishab says who are you to tell this, go and wash mop, dont talk to me, you are so stupid, Mandana says you are smart, that is enough, i dont work for you, Rishab says clean my mop, Mandana asks if its his mop? Rishab asks her to clean his mop, who asked you to do my work? he asks Prince to tell her to clean mop, Prince says you use other mop, Rishab says i cant use it, Prince says you bring mop here, i will clean it, Priya laughs, Rishab says why did she done my work? he says to Mandana that she couldnt do any work in 13weeks, what will she do now, Mandana says you are burning, Bigg boss open exhaust, Rishab says atleast dont use my words, do come in finale to clap for me, let me ask vote for you, he chants vote for Mandana chor(robber).

Priya says to Mandana that my hairs are usually tied, it was open today and you made issue, Mandana says i saw your hairs in kitchen earlier too, Mandana says the thing was that your hair was going in flour, thats why i asked you let me help you, Priya says i understand your intention wasnt wrong but it was action reaction.


Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs. 15 Lakhs and decreases the winning prize amount to Rs. 35 Lakhs, Bigg boss says this is last offer made, Bigg boss says to inmates that there will be no change in options of this task, means one from Kishwar or Prince has to leave with money and one will get ticket to finale, Kishwar and Prince have to decide who will take money and who will get ticket to finale, you both have one hour to decide what you wanna do and also you both should decide it, no one else should get chance to take this chance, Prince asks inmates to let them be alone, Priya hugs Kishwar and says you will realize later that it was good for you to take this decision, All housemates hugs Prince and Kishwar, inmates leave them alone.

Mandana says to Keith that this golden opportunity for Kishwar, this situation is emotionally draining for them, i understand this situation.

Prince says to Kishwar that i wanna make my parents see finale stage. Kishwar says even i promised Suyyash to win this show. she says girls have less competition, Mandana, Rochelle and Priya are not contenders for winning, Prince says Keith is my competitor, but i have fan following, Kishwar says everyone has that.

Keith says to Rochelle that Prince have fan following, Rochelle says Kishwar doesnt wanna go out at all, Priya says eventually she will go, imagine Kishwar coming second in end, she will get nothing but now she is getting 15lacs.

Kishwar says Keith thinks that he, you and Rochelle are contenders for winning, i dont think Rochelle is contender, Keith takes her name as she is his girlfriend. Prince says i have fan following from earlier shows, Kishwar says but it depends on your journey, in actual you and me are competition, i dont think Keith is competition as he was not present for 3weeks, i always thought that we both are contenders for winning, even if i leave today, i am not going to press buzzer like this.


Bigg boss says we gave one hour to Prince and Kishwar to decide who is going to leave house with money, now we wanna know Prince and Kishwar’s decision, Prince and Kishwar are sad, Inmates come there too, Kishwar looks at Suyyash’s picture and says i am sorry, she says Bigg boss Prince is my brother, he will go to finale and i will go out of house with 15lacs, she cries, Prince is sad too, all inmates console Kishwar, Prince comes to Kishwar and makes her stand up, Kishwar tightly hugs Prince and cries, Bigg boss says they have taken decision that Prince will get ticket to finale and Kishwar will go out of house with 15lacs so Prince is first finalist of BB9, Bigg boss wanna say to Kishwar that her journey was eventful, she was appreciated many times, her fans must be disappointed with this but we wish you for your life ahead, we want Kishwar to pack her bags and come out of house, Rochelle hugs Kishwar, Priya is crying too, Mandana is sad, Kishwar says i didnt lose task, Keith hugs her and says i respect you.


Kishwar hugs Priya, Priya says you changed my opinion about you after coming in show, Kishwar says you flipped like we flip paratha, Kishwar hugs Rochelle and says do become captain now, she hugs Prince and says you are my brother, she says i will miss you all alot, she leaves house, Prince breaks down in tears, Keith hugs him and consoles him.


Priya says i never thought i will feel so bad about Kishwar leaving, i make friends difficultly but when i make it then its difficult for me to detached with them, Rishab says she was my enemy but i am feeling bad too. Rishab says the most funny part in all this is that they used to call wild cards “mild cards” and irony is that wild cards are still sitting in house while most of them have left show, what they are bearing today is because of their deeds, Priya says it was forced kind of eviction.

Rochelle says to Keith that wild cards dont deserve to go ahead, Prince says they totally dont deserve to go.

Rishab says to Priya that i was winning sand task but they ganged up and made me lose so its their plan back-firing.

Prince says i wish Kishwar had pressed button before Mandana or i had pressed it earlier then we both would have gone to finale, Rochelle agrees.

(Was not a fan of Kishwar but I loved the fearless streak in that girl, will miss her.)


PRECAP– Soonam Kapoor will come on weekend special and will join stage with Salman. Salman will discuss about last week which was eventful and full of emotions.




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