Bigg Boss 9 6th January 2016 Written Updates Day 87 BB Wu 6 jan episode

Bigg Boss 9 6th January 2016 Written Updates Day 87 BB Wu 6 jan episode :- Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 episode 6th January 2016 written updates bb9 day 87 double trouble 6 jan 87th ep wu summary full hd video colors tv Nomination so guys you are right place here without wasting your time scroll down your page to read details below.

Bigg Boss 9 6th January 2016 Written Updates

Day 87


Housemates wake up to the song Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai. Inmates dance to the song. Keith hugs Rochelle.


Rishab says to Prince that i will not tuch you in task, Prince says i have done my work, i, you and Kishwar will win this task, they look at containers, Prince says our containers are filled, we have done our work yesterday so we will sit quietly now.


Prince says to Priya that i am new prince thats why i am not goon now, Priya says you were pushing me aggressively, Kishwar says Priya you were so aggressive yesterday, Priya says Keith was watching me, he didnt call me violent, i know my lines and i didnt cross that, you all can ask Rishab, i was aggressive but violent. outside Rochelle says in camera that Kishwar agreed that Priya was violent yesterday but now she is afraid of Kishwar thats why she is agreeing to Priya that she was not violent.

Priya says to Prince that i will do my task today, i will attack Kishwar today, Prince says i will protect her, Priya says if you get physical, i will cry and will see, you were holding my hand so violently yesterday, Prince says i left it when you said its paining you, Priya says even i left Mandana’s hand when she screamed, Kishwar says to Priya that why dont you agree that you were aggressive yesterday.


Kishwar, Rochelle, Mandana and Prince makes plan to attack Rishab, Rochelle says Rishab will attack me first, Prince says he cant, we are with you, Kishwar says you know why Rishab didnt attack me? because he knew Prince will go against him then, he played safe, Prince says he nominated Kishwar but didnt attack her, Priya and Rishab cant attack us, if Rishab tries to touch our container then we will empty his container and i dont want Rishab to go to finale.


Buzzer plays, inmates stand near their containers. Prince helps Kishwar to tighten her container’s lever nuts and bolts. Priya tries to open Prince’s container’s lever, Kishwar tries to stop her, Mandana says we can play by not getting aggressive, Priya says if i dont attack them then you and Rochelle will lose, Kishwar sys she is showing as if she is helping you but Rishab made plan with her to attack Kishwar today. Mandana ask Rishab why he is lying down? he is playing like girl, he is coward. Kishwar says Rishab is way to afraid, Prince says we say openly that we are playing in group but Priya you are afraid to say that you are playing for Rishab.


Priya tries to attack Prince but Prince stops her by bringing his body inbetween, Prince says i have phurti/quickness to protect myself, Rochelle asks meaning of phurti(quickness). Kishwar and Prince tries to surround Priya to stop her from attacking, Prince tries to lift Priya, Priya says you dont have to get physical, Prince says i am just protecting myself, Priya says you dont need to do this, Prince says i like to irritate others.


Kishwar and Rochelle tries to attack Rishab’s container, Rishab tries to protect his container, Rochelle stands on box and takes out sand from his container, Rishab tries to hit box and says you will fall down, Kishwar laughs, Kishwar and Rochelle tickles Rishab, Rishab says this is cheating, they try to tease him.


Priya comes back, Rishab asks Priya to come, they all go back to their places, Rishab bangs into Mandana in process, Mandana says Rishab you are physical not me, you hide behind Priya, if you have guts then attack Prince, Rishab says i dont want to do that, Mandana says you dont have ****, you act like girl and not attacking anyone, Rishab says you wanna win this task so desperately, Mandana says i am not nominated but you so you are more desperate.


Rishab and Prince decides to fight against each other, Rishab asks Priya to not come inbetween, Prince says no one should come inbetween, Rishab and Prince hold each others hands and pushes each other to fight, Priya opens Prince’s container’s lever, Rishab says this is cheating, i told you to not come inbetween, he gets miffed with Priya, Mandana says we all agreed to not come inbetween, Priya says even you cheat in everything, Rishab asks Priya to not go against him.

Priya tries to attack Mandana, Mandana says Priya kicked me, Keith shows her middle finger and says no one kicked you. Mandana attacks Rochelle, Rochelle says she didnt kick you, Mandana says you all are liars, she kicked me, Keith says on whom you are shouting? get lost with your fake attitude, dont show me this attitude, Mandana gets silent seeing Keith angry.


In the next stage of the game, the contestants are now required to leave their levers open from bottom and allow the sand to leave the container but at the same time, keep filling the container from the top. The three contestants with the most amount of sand in their container after one hour will get the access to the next stage of the task, they can take out sand from other containers too in the process.

Buzzer plays, Rishab asks Priya to help him. Priya tries to attack Rochelle, she says i havent done anything, why attack me. Priya tries to attack Prince, Rishab says to Priya that you will get hurt, Priya says let me hurt you. Rishab says this is individual task now, Priya attacks Rochelle and doesnt let her fill her container, Rochelle cries and says i didnt do anything bad with you, Priya says i am not against her personally but i dont want her in top 3, Priya tries to cover her lever hole, Keith says you cant do it, Rochelle asks Prince to help her, he says i am coming. Keith asks Mandana to not touch your container’s lever, Mandana says my lever is not fine, Keith says i dont know but you cant touch it, Mandana says even your girlfriend is touching it but you wont say anything to her as she is your girlfriend, Keith says Priya is attacking her. Priya comes to Rochelle’s container, she holds container’s mouth and hangs to it, she starts taking out sand from her container, Keith asks her to come down, Prince tries to bring her down but she she wont, Rochelle slaps her leg and asks her to come down, Priya says i cant come down, bring me down as Prince have removed box from there, Keith brings Priya down.

Rishab asks Priya to help me instead of attacking others. Mandana takes out sand from Rochelle’s container, she says to Rochelle that you went against me. Priya attacks Prince’s container, Prince takes out sand from Rishab’s container, Kishawr says to Priya that i have to take revenge from you for taking out sand from my container, Kishwar tries to take out sand from Rishab’s container, he says not do it, Rishab says to Priya that all are attacking me for your antics, you are attacking them and they are attacking me back.


Mandana asks Prince to help her, Kishwar says he cant help you as all are playing individual, Rochelle says dont know whats happening here, someone attacks someone and they take revenge from someone else. Priya comes to Rochelle and takes out sand from her container, Rochelle says why you are attacking me? Keith stop her, Priya sys Keith cant stop me, i am doing my work, Priya doesnt allow Rochelle to fill buckets to put sand in container, she throws sand away coming out of lever hole, Rochelle cries and tries to stop her using bucket, Priya says Rochelle have hit me with bucket, Priya takes her bucket, Prince takes bucket from her and gives to Rochelle, Rochelle cries, Keith asks Rochelle to not cry and play. Rochelle is filling buckets while Priya is taking out sand from her container from top.


Priya is attacking Rochelle, Rochelle ask whats her problem? something happened in her childhood? Priya says now you will talk about my childhood? Rochelle says alot happened in my childhood so i know about it. Priya takes out sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle pushes Priya who is standing on box, Priya says i will push you too now, Rochelle cries.

Prince asks Mandana to win over Rishab. Mandana takes sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle cries, Priya is taking away sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle pleads her to stop it, Rochelle’s container’s sand falls out below red mark, she is disqualified from task.

Rochelle comes with shovel to take out sand from Rishab’s container, it hits Rishab, Rishab calls Keith and says she has hit me with this hammer, Rochelle says i didnt hit you intentionally, Rishab says i will throw you out of game, Rochelle says i am sorry, i was just taking out sand from your container, Rishab says i wont leave you if you get physical with me, go from here, Rochelle says i swear on mom, i didnt hit you.

Prince says to Rochelle that trust me, Rishab wont win.

Rochelle comes to Rishab and says i am sorry, i didnt intend to hurt you, Rishab accepts his apology, Rochelle tries to take out sad from his container, Rochelle says Priya started all this for you, Priya says Rishab was asking me to not attack you, Rishab tries to stop Rochelle and says now i will win this show for sure, Kishwar takes out sand from Rishab’s container too, Rishab says to Rochelle that i didnt attack you but you are attacking me, i will win this show now, Prince says i will win this show on my own guts, Rishab says i have seen your guts. Priya says to Prince that you cant take revenge from Rishab for my deeds, he asked me to not touch your container, Prince says even i didnt touch his container, Rishab says you are lying, you are afraid and terrified person, Prince says i am openly asking you attack me, Rishab says don do any promise now.


Bigg boss asks Keith to announce winners who have most sand in their containers. Keith says Prince, Mandana and Kishwar are winners of this task, Bigg boss congratulates them. Rochelle cries, Prince and Keith consoles her. Mandana hugs Priya and says i knew you were playign strategically. Keith asks inmates to give time with Rochelle. Keiths cries and hugs Rochelle, he says you played really well, you have grown so much, you have fighting spirit.

Rishab comes in washroom, he is sad and bows down, he chants Mantras.

Rochelle says to inmates that i didnt hurt Rishab, Prince hugs Rochelle, Kishwar says we all go hurt in process, Madnana says Rishab is man, he played like women, Priya says Rochelle you played really well, Rochelle asks her to leave her alone, Prince says i wanted girls to win and i am telling you are going in finale, you deserve it.

Priya comes in washroom and says Rochelle wants everyone to act according to her, she cries, Rishab asks her to not cry.

Kishwar says to Rochelle that we knew they will attack you, leave them.

Priya says to Rishab that Prince was saying that he wanted girls to win, am i not girl? Rishab says they can conspire against me but i will win this show.


Priya asks Prince why he was supporting Mandana? Prince asks why she attacked Kishwar? Priya says Kishwar is nominated so i attacked her and i wanted to attack you as i have personal problems with you, i thought it would be easy to attack mandana in next task, i ousted Rochelle from task, you wanted to Mandana to win this task alongwith you and Kishwar as you didnt want to compete with Rishab in next task, Prince says i dont plan about future that much.

Keith says to Rochelle that i wanted to stop Priya, i understand that it was Priya’s strategy to target you but she started getting pleasure to attack you as you were her target.

Rishab says to Priya that Rochelle attacked me physically too, Priya shows bruises on her arms and says she attacked me too, see this, Rishab says Bigg boss see this, Priya says Bigg boss was seeing everything.

Keith says to Rochelle that Mandana didnt asks Priya to stop it, she waited till your sand falls out.

Rishab says i didnt attack Rochelle, Prince back stabbed me so i am lion, not him. Priya says when Rochelle was attacking you, Prince stopped me, he made plan with Rochelle to attack you, Rishab says i wont let these three win, i dont like Prince’s back stabbing nature, Priya says when i asked Prince that he chose Mandana for next task as he didnt want to compete against Rishab in next task so he said that he doesnt think about far future.


PRECAP– Priya reads next task for “ticket finale week”. Mandana, Kishwar and Prince will compete for this. In task, they have to press the button, the one who will press button first will win prize money of 6,33,333(six lacs,,) but will have to leave house right then and the one who will press the button in last will get ticket to finale week. Mandana, Kishwar and Prince thinks and are tensed. Buzzer plays, Mandana and Kishwar presses button at sametime, Rochelle is stunned.


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