Bigg Boss 9 11th January 2016 Written Updates BB9 Day 91 BB9 Wu Today Ep

Bigg Boss 9 11th January 2016 Written Updates BB9 Day 91 BB9 Wu Today Ep :- Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 episode 11th January 2016 written updates bb9 day 91 double trouble 11 jan 91st ep wu summary full hd video colors tv Weekend Special so guys you are right place here without wasting your time scroll down your page to read details below. Salman can conduct episode on weekday. Kishwar can come back on stage, she is going to pour her heart bent on Salman. Mohammedan siddqui(ex-contestant of BB6) are coming back in BB9 house, his introduction clip plays, Mohammedan says outing, time out, he says i’ll be inmates’ biggest challenge in house for in the week, the one United Nations agency are ready to bear my attacks can attend finale solely, chalo bolo bigg boss(say bigg boss)(his statement line).

Bigg Boss 9 11th January 2016 Written Updates

Episode with Salman

Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone in Bigg bo

call is connected to house

Salman says if this good was game that Mandana didnt get nominated? Priya says no, Mandana should have got nominated but they dont make strategy, Rochelle says i wanted to nominated Priya, Rishab says Keith should have nominated Mandana, he did mistake, Salman says when will they learn how to do nominations? in BB10? all laugh, he says you all make fun of Priya’s strategies, he says to Keith that if he had nominated Madnana then Rochelle could have been saved from nominations, Keith says even if i had nominated Mandana, she wouldnt come in nomination, i asked Prince if he had nominated Mandana, he said no, Priya could have nominated Mandana, Salman says you could have saved Rochelle, dony you wanna save her? all laugh, Mandana says i got saved in one week, i didnt get nominated in one week then why you are raising this question? Salman says even you can go mad for this happiness, so much happiness is not good, all laugh, Salman says this can be last nomination of this season and you all didnt use it wisely.

Salman says there is one problem, wild cards are not respected in house, are they now equal? are they not human beings? are they not good people? dont they deserve to stay in game? dont their toothpaste have salt? all laugh, he asks Mandana why wild cards come in house? Mandana says show was boring so wild cards came, Salman says correct, they are brought in to lighten up house, if originals have been entertaining then we wouldnt have brought wild cards but its not all your fault, its endemol’s fault that the chose you people out of millions, Rochelle says this is so mean, Salman says yes i really mean it, Keith is most entertaining in house, all laugh, Salman says most entertaining is when Rochelle insults him and leaves, he must be thinking that wish we were outside house then i could have packed my bags, Salman says Prince calls Keith wild card too, Prince says he came after 3weeks so we called wild cards, he is nice person, Salman says nice person wins eventually even if he doesnt do anything, all laugh. Salman says to Mandana that why you say to Priya that she is not equal because she is wild card? if you had been Priya then Priya wouldnt have been brought in, Priya says i agree, Salman says Gizele was also brought but too late, if she was in house from day one then she would have outshined everyone, she was good, Mandana says tries to say something but Salman says i know your answer would be we are not on same level with them, Mandana says yes, Salman says wild cards are inevitable for house, i am talking about Priya, Rishab laughs, Mandana says we are not on same emotional level, Salman says if a born baby cries, you will say let him cry as he is not on same emotional level? all laugh, i also agree that you dont have same emotional level with others, all made relations, got emotional but you are only piece who is on other level of emotions, Mandana says i cant win argument over you, you win, Salman says this is for what i come here, thats why i am host for 6years.

Salman asks Rishab why he thinks he will win? Rishab says i will give my best, Salman says if you keep doing this then you wont win, you have to see who is legend of house, Rishab says its Prince, Salman says i am giving you all homework, mutually decide who is legend of house, i will be back, he ends call.

Salman says legends are made either by fighting for themselves or fighting for life. two such legend is coming here, Pulkit Samrat and Divya Khosla(film director), they come on stage, Salman says Divya’s debut movie was Yaariyan, he asks about new movie, she says move name is Sanam re and its about soulmate, she asks Salman’s soulmate, Salman says i am working on shoe’s soul only rightnow, all laugh. Salman says Pulkit’s body was very well shown in movie, Pulkit says whatever Divya said, i did it, divya says we will do one scene of movie, Salman will plays Pulkit’s character Aakash and Pulkit will play Yami’s character, its romantic scene.

Salman acts as aakash and asks Pulkit-dont you love me?

Pulkit as Yami- i always loved you

Salman as aakash- then whats the problem, tell me, look at your arms, like peanut, all laugh.

Pulkit says Divya is not only director, she did item number in movie, Divya says no actresses remained who didnt do item no. so i thought i should do it, Pulkit, Salman and Divya dance on it.

divya says when Pulkit did debut in movie, Salman recommended him to my husband so in Sanam re we casted him so credits go to Salman, Pulkit thanks Salman and says i wanna learn steps Oo Oo jane jana, Salman says open your shirt and show your body first, Pulki opens his shirt buttons, Salman and Pulkit dances together. Salman greets Pulkit and Divya, they leaves.

Call is connected to house again, Salman asks if they decided who is legend of house? Mandana says we have come to conclusion that no one has done such a thing that he or she can be called legend of house, i dont think there is any legend among us, Salman says you people have to rank from 1 to 5, we wanna see who is going to top 5 among you 6, we wanna see what you people think, go and decide in activity area, Mandana says not again, they go.

Salman sings ek hazaron mein Prince ki behna hai, he says Kishwar got eliminated in sudden turn of events, he calls Kishwar on stage, brings her down from stairs. he says you got 15lacs, Kishwar laughs and says i didnt want it, Salman says i know, he says if Prince had not asked you to press buzzer first then would you have done it? Kishwar says i thought Prince will press button first as he could have gone to finale easily but there were so many confusion, Salman says you were called stone hearted but fell in emotions, Kishwar says i tried to convince him to leave but i could see he didnt wanna lose, Salman says he brought parents angle in it and didnt leave it for sister, Kishwar says if he didnt want to leave, he never said once in last hour of task that no how can you leave, i will leave for you, he didnt say it once, Salman asks Kishwar if she is feeling let down by Prince? kishwar says little bit, Salman says we dont know he is playing game or not, problem with him is that he fall short in giving credits to his relations, why he make it in first place? Kishwar says people even ask me that if he can leave car task for Priya then why he didnt leave it for me, but mistake was mine too, i should have pressed buzzer, Salman asks who is threat? Kishwar says Priya, she was alone enough for us in sand task, he asks who Prince’s threat? Kishwar says Rishab, he is double faced as i realized after seeing episodes, Salman asks reactions of fans after your eviction? Kishwar says it was overwhelming, they said i am already winner in house, Salman greets her, Kishwar leaves.

In house, Rishab stands on no. 1, Prince says i should stand on no. 2 as i did mistake in Kishwar’s eviction, Mandana says i feel no. 1 is Keith, Rishab says i feel i am no. 1, Prince says to Rishab that dont fight, Mandana says we should vote out, Priya asks who should be no. 6? Keith, Rochelle, Mandana says Rishab should be 6, they ask about 5th position, Prince says i feel its Mandana, Priya says its Rochelle, Rishab says i feel its Keith, he didnt do much tasks, Mandana says i feel its Rochelle as she doesnt have balance in her position, she is not clear about herself, Prince says 4th should be Rochelle, Keith says i feel i am 4th, Rishab says i feel Prince is 4th, he has done many mistakes, he has should aggression, Rochelle says i will give myself 4th position, Mandana says i feel Priya is 4th, Priya says i will 4th position to Prince, he doesnt play individual, his entertainment level is low too, Salman connects call and ask them to stand on positions. position wise:








Salman says Keith is 1st? i dont feel he is getting votes, Prince says he always corrects me when i am wrong, Salman says he is not ramu kaka of house, he should play, Prince says he is like my brother, all laugh, Salman says so now you have decided him as brother? Priya says Suyyash left so he changed brother too, Priya says i am 3rd as inmates think but it depends on votings, Rochelle says i had downfall so i am 4th, Mandana says they have put me on 5th place but if was saved by audience till now then i will go ahead too, Salman asks Rishab why he is 6th? Rishab says i wanna say dialogue that they are behind devil and Devil is ahead of everyone, Salman says Rishab you only say dialogues but dont do anything, Rishab says i do, Salman says audience is not able to see it, tell them on camera what you are doing, Prince pulls Rishab and makes hims stand with Keith on 1st position, he says now devil is here, Salman asks Keith to come down as their position is looking vulgar(Keith is holding Rishab from front), all laugh, Rishab comes down.

Salman says RISHAB YOU ARE SAFE, inmates are not the one who decide eliminations, its voting only, Salman says Keith is eliminated, Rochelle says no, Salman says we kept saying that Keith is not seen on tv, not on tv, we gave so much hints but you didnt listen so now come out, Salman says to Prince that dnt make anyone brother now, all laugh, Prince says it cant be Keith, Keith starts leaving, Salman says Mandana-Rochelle-Keith’s jodi is broken finally, all laugh. Keith comes in garden and says you all very nice, i will meet you, Keith hugs Rochelle and says you will do well.

Salman calls Keith back in lounge and says there is no eviction today, Keith smiles, Salman says to Rochelle that dont force herself to cry, she wasnt crying, now she will cry that Keith is staying back, Salman says now thing is that no one is safe in house from now on, anyone can go out any moment, he ends call.

Salman says you saw their ranking, Akshay Kumar will come to evict one from house, finale is near corner so vote for your favorite, he signs off from show.



PRECAP- Imam siddqui(ex-contestant of BB6) enters house, he says to inmates that i am that dangerous person who will keep scaring you for 24years of your life to come. he comes in bedroom and says you people have zero hygeine level. he says to Mandana that dont use slangs for me and dont disrespect me, Mandana nods. Imam says to inmates that dont miff me else everyone will be in trouble. He says to Keith that he is coming across as spineless. he asks Prince if he really thinks he is Prince? i dont see Prince in you, the two shows you won are so low class that i dont even want to take their name, i know how they make winners, you bootlick them and they make you winner, i dont know you, season 9 is mine, I am the Imam, Imam gives tasks to inmates, he makes Prince wear wig. He says that Mandana knows how to cut hairs so i want Rishab and Priya to get haircut from her, Priya says is stunned. Imam says in camera that there will torture on them, till now i loved no i will attack.


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