Bigg Boss 10 3rd November 2016 Episode Written Updates Today BB10 Day 18

Bigg Boss 10 3rd November 2016 Episode Written Updates Today BB10 Day 18 : Watch Bigg Boss 10 today episode 3rd November 2016 written updates bb10 day 17. The third Luxury Budget errand, Raja Aur Rank has made things intriguing inside the Bigg Boss house. Furthermore to raise the mercuries significantly promote Bigg Boss has doled out the famous people a mystery assignment in which they need to catch the ordinary people in 12 minutes coordinated by the big names. If you are looking for bigg bos season 10 written updates, then go below in this article and get full summary of the show.

Bigg Boss 10 3rd November 2016 Written Updates

Day 17

Celebs are resting in room while average citizens are dozing in parlor. Tune begins playing. Swami awakens first and sits on his royal position. Tune nazrain mili plays. Mona and Swami begins moving. Rahul and Rohan snickers seeing them. Rohan says Manu let me know they wont rest.


Rohan says to Niti that let me know some work. Niti says when i let you know then you dont tune in. Manveer says to Swami that you dont hear me out. Manu says simply continue sitting on royal position. Niti says we dont give them any errand as its their obligation to keep us glad, not us to demand them to take after our requests.


Rohan says we will be revolt, if residents are not glad then there will be mayhem. Rohan is waving blade in air, Bani passesby him and he erroneously hits her with blade, she says gracious my God, you actually wounded me, he inquires as to whether she is harmed? she says i should and races to go to washroom to check. All keep running behind her. Swami says this is their strategy. Manver says we ought to check for mankind. Bani is seeping on stomach, Rohan says i am sad, Bani says you are frantic, its privilege on my tattoo, Rohan says i am truly sad. Bani says who waves cut in air? She wipes her injury. She says all are frantic here, give me 5minutes, she yells that allow me the f*ck to sit unbothered, see what is going on in light of this dramatization of yours, all leave. Bani has tears in eyes and goes to

She says all are frantic here, give me 5minutes, she yells that allow me the f*ck to sit unbothered, see what is going on due to this show of yours, all leave. Bani has tears in eyes and goes to washroom. Rohan is crying outside washroom. Lopa says this is not your blame. Inside restroom, Bani wipes her injury, its dying. Swami says to his group that he assaulted my bodyguard so he could slaughter me. Manu says this man is hazardous.


rohan says sorry to learn, she says its alright, you didnt do intentionally. Bani is washing utensils, he requests that her take a seat, she says i am fine. Bigg supervisor says what happened couple of minutes back was unsafe, it can transform into enormous episode, we are dependably advised to not play with flame or blades, we are frustrated with Rohan’s state of mind, and it ought not happen once more. Swami says you said that whoever attack in this house, ought to be tossed out of house, we ask for you exclude Rohan. Manveer says it ought to be their choice, not yours, Swami says i am simply asking for, Manveer says you cannot arrange that, Swami says i am not protected here on account of Rohan, he said that he will murder ruler, this is risky for me, oust Rohan.


Rohan says to Lopa that anything can happen here by error so its better to leave from here before that, Lopa says its in your control, dont do it once more, Rohan says i was simply playing with blade, i was not close to her, she passedby me, i dont need to do botch once more. Lopa says it was accidental so quit being a puppy. Rohan eeps.


Bani says to Niti that i am thinking about doing some shrewd beautifying agents, they are all essentially engaging so we should achieve something else. (Bani is making Niti to do joker’s beautifying agents as indicated by riddle task). Niti says i am not ruler in real so i am asking for you to profit my beauty care products, Bani says redress.


Manu says i am not energetic. Naveen says Swami is set up to keep running in jacuzzi with Mona. Manu says so what, they are young lady and father. Lopa says Swami master would it be a smart thought for me to give you shower? Manu says give him give deplete, then drag him with rope, i mean secure him unwind with concession then he will wear his crown, today is crown administration of his, Lopa says yes it would be unprecedented, Swami wont abandon anything. Swami says you be a bother uncle, Manu says i am assuming such an awesome sum for you and you are doing this? your daughter was playing with Rohan despite being hitched.


Manu says to Manveer that they are asking for that we change articles of clothing, change beautifiers or go in pool, what is justification behind us advancing pieces of clothing? why they are actuating us? there is something covered, Manveer says Bani was asking for that I change getup, why they are driving. Manu says there is no issue with master cleaning with employees, Swami says yes ruler clean up with specialists.


All are getting readied for king’s superb shower. Lopa is holding aarti plate, Niti asks for that her offer it to her, Lopa doesnt, Niti says dont be relentless, surrender it, Lopa gets out. Niti asks for that her bring crown. Lopa says why she is asking for that I bring crown? Manu says to Lopa that she needs your place, will tell you unpretentious components later. Lopa says i have done hardwork to come here, Manveer says we can’t tell you. Lopa says you dont trust me? Manu says Niti assumes you as contention, you both are named and she doesnt require footage on you so she will be removed, we require you to stay here not her. Lopa says i have earned this position so i wont free it easily. Swami is passed on to pool. All are rambling for ruler. Manveer asks for that he take off articles of clothing, all snicker.

Swami bobbed in pool with articles of clothing on. Manu says no doubt puppy is tidying up. Manveer brings Swami out of pool. Bani is holding umbrella for him. Swami is given deplete shower, Manu says his eyes are closed, you can take out your disappointment on him. Manu and Manveer put whole bucket of deplete on him. Rahul says staggering man. Mona sets jacuzzi. Swami sits in it. Mona washes his hands. Lopa and pours water on him. Karan seeks shelter behind Bani and snaps their photograph as a part of puzzle errand. Swami leaves restroom, in the wake of cleaning. Naveen asks for that make him wear articles of clothing. Rahul makes him wear his own particular socks to Swami, Bani unobtrusively clicks their photograph as its bit of puzzle task also. Rohan sits in overnight boardinghouse watching pictures under cover.


Bani has made hearts on Niti’s go up against, Niti asks for that her fill her face with these heart in light of the way that my heart is mellowed up this house so atleast i have hearts on face. (as riddle errand Bani needs to give Niti joker’s beautifying agents). Bani makes heart all over, Karan clicks their photograph as a noteworthy part of riddle errand. Lokesh says to Swami that i am leaving your mansion for my worship. Rohan says we are escaping from this château, if some person tries to butcher us then we will ricochet in pool and finish our lives. Rohan passes on Lokesh to pool and says we will do suicide.(Rohan is doing secret task where Bani needs to hurl Lokesh in pool). Bani is behind Lokesh. Bani takes off Lokesh’s mic. Rohan says i will jump in pool. Bani pushes Lokesh in water, Lokesh tumbles down, all cheer, Lokesh is incapacitated, Bani tends to her and says to Rohan that i thought you bounce too. Gaurav see this Lokesh, they hurl Rohan in pool too. Rahul says choke in love you both, this is love. Bani and Niti hurls water on Rohan. Manveer comes there, Lokesh says i was playing with Rohan yet some **** pushed me in pool, i

Gaurav see this Lokesh, they hurl Rohan in pool too. Rahul says choke in veneration you both, this is love. Bani and Niti hurls water on Rohan. Manveer comes there, Lokesh says i was joking with Rohan yet some **** pushed me in pool, i dont know who. Swami says i am leaving my position of power, this young woman has wrecked my regard, they should be hurled in cell. Karan says they fell in pool by oversight, Swami says put her in jail, i dont require this young lady who is ****, she is no princess, she is characterless, Lokesh says keep jabbering, i was just staying on pool, Bani pushed me in it. Rohan and Karan comes in restroom and watch photograph of their riddle task. Lopa says to Swami that you can’t call young woman as characterless, Swami says you get lost, Lopa says dont point fingers at me, you are characterless, dont call young woman characterless yet again. She asks Gaurav by what technique would he have the capacity to call any young woman characterless? dont be such an incredible sum in character. Rahul says to Manveer that this Swami wont allow this endeavor to happen, Mona says he was despite asking me enter pool with him.


Swami says to Gaurav that i let you know before too that Rohan should not enter this social event, i let you realize that whoever will hurt me would go to jail, he has done sin and he will go to jail, i wont gather them in jail in light of the way that together are ****, i will keep young woman infront of my eyes, while Rohan will go to detain, Gaurav says we didnt organize anything like that. Swami says you evacuated his mic then hurled him, it was all organized. Gaurav says they are adults, they can be as one. Niti says we are taking after precepts of family, Swami says just king’s oversee is taken after.


Bani is in affirmation room. Bigg supervisor says that your puzzle task time has completed, give cmaera back to us and dont disclose about riddle errand to anyone, we will report about it. Bani leaves room and takes camera from Karan. She goes in affirmation room and put camera on table.


Manu says to Swami that Mona is expressing it hurts her when you are miffed, Swami says be thankful that i made you young lady so i slighted kisses you gave him, Manu says something else what? Swami says else i would *************, Manu says you are crazy, Manveer says atleast see respect of young women, atleast control your tongue. Naveen asks for that he calms down, Manu says people will hit you with shoes in case you talk along these lines, Naveen says lets end it, Manveer says he is father so that doesnt mean he can say anything, Swami says she was giving him kisses, Naveen says Swami is making fun, Manu says who made conclude that i can’t speak with worker? Swami says in my run the show.


Niti asks for that Lopa make tea. Lopa says we are cooking too, we are not robots, give individual time. Niti says its been over a hour that i asked for tea, Lopa says its my speed, Niti says you are not seeing me as princess. Lopa says i dont mind, Niti says then tell bigg boss, Lopa says i didnt even talk with you, Niti says why you are expressing you dont mind? i am asking for you, Lopa says i am expressing that i will cook, i dont consider time, i was involved, i am doing it my way, Niti says dont let me comprehend what i have to organize. in case you dont mind then hurl your uniform and sit in corner, dont do task, Lopa says you hurl it, Niti says you get lost, Lopa says let me do my business,, why would it be a good idea for you to tell me what to do? Bani grasps Lopa and solicitations that her calm down, Lopa says i am doing my fu*king work for more than 5days, why would it be advisable for her to say that i should sit in corner? Bani solaces her and says grasps her solidly, Lopa grasps her and says i am doing my work man, Bani says i know.


All detainees are sitting in parlor. TV is traded on, breaking news shows that a couple pictures got spilled from bigg director house in control of Swami. Pictures play, Gaurav is exhibited taking pictures, camera is shown concealed at spots, celebs shriek, Mona kissing Manu is showed up, Manu has hand on his head. Mona and Lopa are exhibited making Manveer eat characteristic items. Karan is shown offering back rub to Naveen, Rahul is demonstrated making Swami wear socks. Bani is shown pushing Lokesh in pool. Lopa and Mona are shown offering shower to Swami. Bani is exhibited doing make up of Niti.

Writer says these photographs exhibit that plebeians have lost obligation regarding. Niti says there was secret task? Celebs starts moving cheerfully. Manu says they have camera. Bigg supervisor says to detainees that celebs were given secret task which they did adequately and by this duty regarding is given to celebs, and ordinary natives are specialists. Manu says i dont grasp what was the arrangement? Bigg chief demands that normal subjects give asking for ring to celebs and this task has wrapped up. Manu says what was the arrangement? Swami says you kept getting kisses and this is result, Manu asks for that he calms down. Manu says in case we could get riddle errand then they unmistakably won. Niti offers ringer to Gaurav. Gaurav says your tea is readied, you can drink, Niti giggles.


Naveen says they were requesting thing to us since they had puzzle undertaking. Manu says we were so required in errand, Swami and Naveen totally in undertaking that we couldnt see celebs doing their task, Naveen says Niti was most included, Manveer says Manu if you listened to me sooner than we would have gotten secret undertaking, we should have gotten before when Mona kissed you, Manu says we couldnt get camera, Manveer says dont listen to everyone, Manu says i also listen to you, Swami’s puzzle errand was Mona giving him shower and Rahul changing his socks, i was asking for that you keep Rahul away.


Swami says to Mona that you kissed him and deceived him, Manver says she was doing her task just, Mona says if i do then issue if i dont do then issue. Manu says we couldnt think as to camera, you know Rahul was making you wear as it was puzzle undertaking too, Manveer says you washing with young women was riddle errand also, you think you regard the point that they are showering with you? right away essentially be cool, Manu says it was errand just, Manu says Bigg chief asked for Mona to kiss me and she did her task, they didnt let it show up on their stands up to, Bani hurled Lokesh in pool too, it was basically undertaking, dont consider it actually, Swami says they were consolidated, nobodya blew their secret, Manveer says its essentially a segment of beguilement, Swami says i dont get a kick out of the opportunity to free, i am beating my head, Mona says you said such an extensive number of debilitated words to Lokesh and Rohan, Manu says you were attesting Rohan yet he kept doing his errand and didnt let it get to him, he is not doing combating with you, essentially discharging it since it was attempted just, Swami says desert it. Mona says to Swami that they are my associates, i can kiss them, dont let me realize what i should do.


Manu says to Rahul that we should have get your camera. Swami says they didnt let me take footage. Manveer says you were given deplete shower. Manveer says we were unwind however Naveen took after Bigg administrator have spent such an incredible sum on our troupes, Manu says have you begun from protection office? Naveen looked like if Bigg manager has sent massager than we should use it since he has blaze through money on it, Karan chuckles listening thi, Manu says i taught him to be light in task yet no, he was totally in undertaking.


Niti is putting forth back rub to Lopa’s neck. Niti asks for that her put hair on shoulder. Niti entreats in any case, Lopa laughs, Niti says my hands are cool, Lopa says my body is hot, your hands will get warmed, Niti gives her back rub, Lopa says i am so depleted. Niti is making horrendous faces behind Lopa. Niti acts like punching Lopa’s neck behind her, Lopa asks for that her back rub as i need , dont do extractions. Rohan says to Lokesh why you are dismissing me? she says i didnt, you feel like it? Rohan says you are not talking with me, you didnt come to meet me in jail, where is our family relationship? Lokesh chuckles.


Swami says to Manveer that when Mona kissed, i said it was outline, Manveer says chill, Swami says we locked in, i should pack adapt. Mona says in case you felt that i was doing errand then why did you say wiped out words as to me? Bigg chief talk with Swami, he said wiped out words to me, you called me *****, i let you realize that we do it in motion pictures also, so is it off course? Manveer asks for that he listen me.

Gaurav says Karan they have started doing combating with Swami. Karan says they dont take it sportingly, Lopa says their issue is Swami. Manveer approaches Swami for what reason he is squeezing his stuff? Swami says you parents will put me in jail tomorrow so ought to from now just, Manver says this is right, Naveen says Swami wont go to detain. Manveer says he made fake jail so much honest to goodness that he couldnt think anything. Swami says i dont need to go from house in the wake of doing combating with my gathering, Manu grasps him and says you won heart yet you will go to jail, Swami says me and my daughter(Mona) is readied.


Naveen says to Manu i am strained that i raised stone to hit Rohan so my family must be centered around, they understand that i am tricky and they ought to be strained that i am inaccessible from others here and dont know whom he will fight, they ought to be strained and moreover i was meandering with young women in house, Manu says you are a bother, ***, you lift Lopa in arms. Manveer says your best is the time when all of you of a sudden start shouting in anyone’s stand up to, Manu laughs, Manveer says he hollered on Niti’s defy while controlling fingers at him, Manu is proceeding onward floor giggling, Manu mirrors Naveen’s shock fits. Manveer says one night Naveen came to me and said that bigg administrator have acquired costumed and places of power so we should not waste his trade and place heart out undertaking, they laugh. Manveer says Swami was expressing i dont free, its not in my slant, i was Swami you successfully lost.

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