Bhogali Bihu 2017 Hd Wallpapers Whatsapp Dp Pictures Magh Bihu Images

Bhogali Bihu 2017 Hd Wallpapers Whatsapp Dp Pictures Magh Bihu Images : Hey Everyone, here in this article we are going to provide you with latest images pictures of the celebration Magh Bihu Festival. Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu are same festival, they just known with two names. Bhogali Bihu is a harvest festival which is celebrate most in the city if Assam and it marks the end of harvesting season. Magh Bihu is synonym of feasts and bonfires which begin one day before of Magh Bihu. The day preceding Magh Bihu is known as Uruka which is the last day of Poush month as per Assamese calendar. On Uruka day people erect makeshift huts, known as Meji, from bamboo, leaves and thatch. The food for feasting is prepared inside Meji and a community feast is held on the Uruka night. The Meji is burned the next morning and the ashes are scattered on the farmlands to increase fertility. In this article we have a huge collection of wallpapers which you can share with your near and dear once through social media. Bhogali Bihu Whatsapps Dp

Bhogali Bihu Wallpapers Photos Whatsapp Dp Pictures





Bihu Dance 1_thumb[4]

bihu gretings


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Magh Bihu Images PicturesWhatsapp Dp Pictures Images




Magh Bihu 2017 Wishes Messages Bhogali Bihu Whatsapp Status Sms Greetings








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  1. I miss you……

  2. so beautiful amazing dance

  3. আশা কৰু অতিকৈ মৰমৰ বিহুতি নব প্ৰজম্নয় মৰমেৰে জিয়াই ৰাখক”””””

    1. Thnkxx

    2. Nobo borokhor mag bihu antoryak hubhcaya thakil

  4. নমস্কাৰ,
    অামি নতুনকৈ এটা বিহু দল উলিয়াই অাছো। অাছলতে বিহু (ৰঙালী সংঘ)দলটো অাগৰে অাছিল। স্হাপিত (১৯৯৪) অাৰু এনেকৈ চন (২০০৩)লৈকে চলিছিল। কিন্তু তাৰ পিছত বিহু দলৰ মানুহ কেইজন লগ এৰাএৰি হোৱাত (বিয়া কৰা,ছাকৰি পোৱা অাদি)দলটি ভাঙি গল। সেয়েহে অামি নতুনকৈ সেই দলটিৰ নামতে বিহু দলটো উলিয়াম বুলি সিদ্ধান্ত লৈছো। গতিকে অাপোনালোকৰ সহায় সহযোগ তথা
    অাশীৰ্ৰবাদ বিচাৰিছো।
    শ্ৰী ভাস্কৰজ্যোতি ৰায়।

  5. Alex Kangkan Das ( Dj Alex )

    Happy Bhogali Bihu ,Everyone …

  6. Magh bihur antorik xubhesha jonalu hokoluke

    1. Tnx. Same 2 u

  7. Magh bihur antorik xubhesha jonalu hokoluke..HAPPY BHUGALI BIHU ALL OF YOU

  8. সমুহ অসম বাসী ৰাইজক বিহুৰ আন্তৰিক অভিনন্দন জনালো।।।।

  9. probin bhattacharjee

    bhogali bihu shub esha

  10. Shomuh asombakhiloi bhugali bihur xubheisa jonalo,HAPPY BHUGALI BIHU 2017

  11. Shomuh asombakhiloi bhugali bihur xubheisa jonalo,HAPPY BHUGALI BIHU 2017

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