BB9 Day 96 16th January 2016 Written Updates Bigg Boss 9 Wu Today Ep Semifinale Top 5

BB9 Day 96 16th January 2016 Written Updates Bigg Boss 9 Wu Today Ep Semifinale Top 5 :- Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 episode 16th January 2016 written updates bb9 day 96 double trouble 16 jan 96th ep wu summary full hd video colors tv Semifinale Top 5 so guys you are right place here without wasting your time scroll down your page to read details below. Today  Semifinale with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar can evict one inmate from high half dozen and high five of BB9 are declared.

Bigg Boss 9 16th January 2016 Written Updates

Weekend Special

Akshay Kumar and Nimrit Kaur comes out of helicopter.

Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. Salman says Akshay has landed here, he will come here in sometime. He says this is going to be last of this season, next saturday will be grand Finale so today is semifinale. Except Prince, all were nominated in this week, Imam came in house this week, he gave tasks to inmates, his tasks is shown. Salman says he chosen Priya as finalist but she will become finalist if she is saved today from eliminations, today we will eliminate one contestant and we will get top 5, lets see what Akshay and Nimrat are doing house.

In house, Akshay and Nimrat comes in house, they meet everyone, all are excited to see them. Akshay says lets go in garden area. All come in garden area. Akhshay says we have come here to promote Airlift, Mandana says we wont be able to see it, Akshay says our movie is real story, its about saving people’s life, when Sadam Hussain attacked, our Indian pilots went and saved people, it was biggest rescue mission that Indian pilots did, all clap, Akshay says boys will rescue girls today, he says Imam Sir.. Imam says dont call me Sir, you and me were class fellows, Akshay says you were senior to me, all laugh, Imam says we were class fellows, Akshay says then he failed and i passed out, all laugh. Akshay says girls will be handcuffed, he asks them to go in different corners. There are hurdles in garden area, He says to Keith that you have to jump in water, take out key then rescue girls by opening their handcuffs and passing hurdles, we will note time of all boys rescuing girls. Mandana says Prince help me, help me.

First Keith starts task, he jumps in pool, Rochelle says save me Keith. Keith brings out key from pool and rescues Priya, he undergoes from hurdles, climbs stairs and rescues Rochelle then he pass hurdles, Mandana says save me Keith, save me, Keith rescues Mandana, Akshay says he took 2.45minutes.

Its Rishab’s turn, Rishab pass hurdles, Priya shows him key in pool, Rishab jumps and tries to find key, he doesnt, Rishab says i will rescue Priya later, Priya laughs and says i knew this day will come. Rishab saves Rochelle, Priya says you didnt understand task Rishab, Rishab rescues Mandana, Akshay says Priya was eaten by eagles, all laugh, Keith says see Priya your friend didnt save you, Akshay says he took 3minutes.

Now Prince’s turns, Prince rescues Rochelle first, he runs fast, Akshay says he is doign really well, all clap for him, Prince saves Mandana, he takes off his shirt, tries to find key, he finds Key and rescues Priya, Akshay says he took 2minutes, all congratulate Prince for winning task.

Nimrat says you all are playing really well, these days are not going to comeback so enjoy here, she says i want girl to win, Akshay asks inmates whom they want to win from girls or boys? Rishab says i want boy to win, Prince says i want girl to win, Keith says girl, Rochelle says girl, Priya says girl, Akshay wishes them luck, Akshay says folk song will play now, they all do couple dance. Rishab dances with Nimrat, Akshay dances with Mandana, Rochelle with Keith, Priya with Imam, they change partners, Rishab now dances with Mandana, Prince with Nimrat, Priya with Akshay.

Akshay sends Imam to store room. Rochelle says to Akshay that you are mom’s favorite actor, she will be happy that i danced with you. Imam brings Prince’s gift, Akshay takes selfie with everyone, they start leaving, Akshay says who wanna come, can come out with me, they say no, Akshay and Nimrat leaves.

Salman says now we will talk to inmates. Call is connected to house, Salman says only one week is left, why all are so cold in house still? all laugh. Salman says to Rishab that in this new style you are looking simply… simple, Salman says you sacrificed your hairs for task, Rishab says it doesnt matter, Salman says you are looking nice, he says good job Imam, welcome to be back again, imam thanks him, Salman asks whats difference from your season? Imam says its getting better and more better, they are my favorite contestants, Salman says now tell truth, all laugh. Salman asks Rishab why he was surprised when Imam took his name as probable finalist? Rishab says i thought he would take Madnana’s name, he had good bonding with Mandana from start and i didnt want to invade that as it would look like that i am trying to be in his good books, Imam says i think he is wrong, i spent time with everyone. Salman jokes about Priya’s nose piercing, he says your husband would have difficult time to kiss you, Priya says your mustache is lookin nice, Salman says even yours is looking nice, all laugh. Salman asks Priya who was most disappointed with you beinf finalist? Priya says in my opinion its Mandana, her behavior with Imam changed too. Salman says to Mandana that you tried to please Imam then he didnt choose you as finalist, were you disappointed? Mandana says i knew he would not choose me as when he came in house, he alleged me that i didnt do good things, he was not happy with me and i said no to his tasks. Salman says to Priya that you said every new person is new toy for Mandana? Priya says yes, she gets fascinated with new person then she gets bored, Rochelle says its like when new person comes in house, Mandana goes to him or her first, spend time with them then after sometime she starts getting irritated with them, Priya says its happening with Imam too, Mandana says Imam commented about my new movie which didnt go down well with me, he said Kya Kool hain Hum 3 is not complimenting Indian culture, i told him that if my audience is happy with work then i will do these movies for them, Salman says its simple, there are movie certificates as A, UA and U, its censor board’s decision what certificate they give to movie so it doesnt matter if its AA, AAA or XXX related movie, there are audience which wanna see movies like this, Mandana says this is first movie i am doing in this genre, Salman says i will talk to you later, let me show audience first what we are talking about, he ends call.

Salman says they are talking about Mandana’s upcoming movei, lets see what Imam said.

Clip plays, Imam says there was some documentary for which i was contacted, they asked me about who i think is controversial person internationally so i gave Paris Hilton’s name, he is blogger and his work is spread rumors, i said that if they think he is upto my mark then they are wrong as i have values older than 5000years, this will go on, and if Kya Kool hain hum like movies will be shown then.. Mandana says what? Imam says i am not talking about you, he leaves, Mandana says to keith whats his problem? he thinks my movie is cheap, vulgar?

Mandana comes to Imam and says what were you saying about my movie? Imam says i didnt talk about you, he takes her aside and says dont give me that attitude, Imam says you didnt understand my point, Mandana says i talked to Keith, i took it personally as you talked about my movie, Imam says you dont know about Indian culture, Mandana says i am talking about my movie, Imam says you are not listening to me, i dont wanna talk to you, i was not talking to you, Mandana says its my movie, i love my work, Imam says you should be, Mandana says you are not inmate, why you are passing personal comments? Imam says i am viewer, i can comment about movie, Mandana says but i will voice my opinion, this movie is my work, i am proud of what i have done, Imam leaves.

Rochelle says to Keith that this is problem, if you are giving respect to someone and he is not grateful, Imam is passing personal comments since morning.

Imam says to Priya that i was giving example of Kya Kool hain hum and coincidentally its Mandana’s movie, Mandan says coincident really? Imam says till i am here, there will be more co incidents, control yourself, he says to Priya that before she takes it in her favor, i never said it is against indian culture, it doesnt compliment indian culture, time out Mandana, Imam says you know i am sent as challenger because they know you wont get along well with me, you dont have IQ thats why i had to come here, there is still time left so control yourself, mandana says thank you for kind advice, clip ends.

Call is connected to house, Mandana says why Imam commented about my movie then he said that my IQ is low thats why he came in house, Imam says i didnt mean to hurt her, i didnt target that movie, i was just giving example and she should be thanking me that i did publicity of her movie, Salman says she knows this is good publicity. Salman says Imam chose both wild cards as finalists, did you find it unfair? Mandana says i felt that Priya came in middle of show, she got famous, she worked hard so she deserves this but i was surprised with Rishab’s name, i wasnt surprised that he didnt take my name, its fair decision on his part, Salman asks if you had to give two names then who it would be? Mandana says Priya and Keith.

Salman says snapdeal caller will call now, Salman asks Keith to repeat it, Keith repeats, Salman says atleast you said something, Salman says you have become so silent in three months, what will happen to you for whole life? all laugh. Call is connected to caller, caller says i have question for Rochelle, she says to Rochelle that when Bigg boss asked inmates to decide one finalist, all gave Priya’s name but you were not happy with it and didnt vote for her, you wanted to support Rishab, Rochelle says yes, i had to agree that Priya deserves it but i like to support underdogs, Salman says Rishab she is calling you dog, all laugh, Rochelle says Rishab has seen negative comments about himself but still he is positive and still thinks that he can win so i wanted to support him, caller says i hope Rochelle wins show, Rochelle thanks her and signs mug for her, caller says love you Salman, Salman says love you too, all laugh, call ends, Salman is surprised that he said i love you too, Salman says i dont say it.

Mandana asks Salman if her movie is released? Salman says its released and a big disaster, you are going to be in trouble, you might have to leave country, all laugh, Salman says i am serious about it.

Salman asks Priya if she thought inmates will make her first finalist? Priya says i never thought, Rishab has good equation with everyone and strategically i thought they would not take my name but they did and i am thankful, Salman says we feel it was nice decision, all clap for Priya, Priya thanks them, Salman ends call.

Akshay and Nimrat comes on stage, Mujhse shadi karogi plays. Salman and Akshay dance on it, after dance, Akshay asks Salman when he is getting married? when he is going to have kids? Salman says i will have kids soon, all laugh, Akshay asks when you will come in my show? all laugh, Salman says i am not thinking about marriage but kids yes. Salman asks what happened in house? Akshay says they were calm, but this is pretense, they all wanna win, we could see that, this silence is of storm before coming.

Salman says we will play dumbsharads with them, i will act and Akshay have to guess which movie is it. Salman sees movie name, he acts, Nimrat and Akshay try to guess it, Nimrat asks Akshay to guess it, Akshay says time up, i lose, he sees movie name is Mohra, Akshay says you should have acted like playing chess. Now Akshay’s turn, he acts, Nimrat tries to guess it, Salman guesses it right, its Tere Naam. Now Nimrat’s turn, she acts, Salman tries to guess it, someone from audience guesses it to be Andaz apna apna. Akshay says she is good actress, lets give her one more chance. Nimrat acts again, Salman and Akshay tries to guess it, Nimrat says its Salman’s movie, Akshay says he doesnt know about his movies, all laugh, they guess weird names, Nimrat laughs, Nimrat says time’s up, Nimrat says it was Bajrangi bhaijan, i lose, Akshay says you dont know how to get it.

Salman says to Akshay and Nimrat that we will connect call to house. Call is connected, all greet them, Mandana says to Nimrat that your dress is s*xy, Salman says when she compliments, she wants one in return, Nimrat laughs and says i got little shy but Mandana is very beautiful and when she was screaming to save me save me, i was feeling like saving her myself, Mandana says aww, she pass flying kisses. Salman says their movie is totally indian, we will have competition now, he says there are sarees, bindies and bangles give to you people but they have to wear it as fast as they can but twist is that not girls but boys will do this task and Imam will be supervisor of task, Prince asks if boys will make girls wear it? Salman says no boys will wear it, Prince smiles. Priya says i know who is going to win task, Salman says to Prince that fulfill your desires today, all laugh. Salman says there is dhoti and pagri(turban) too and girls will wear that.

inmates start wearing sarees and dhoties. Salman says Keith has practice, Imam says Prince is doing nice too, Akshay says they all doing nice. Rochelle says my dhoti is falling, Salman says Rochelle how lovely you are looking, Rochelle dances like bhangra, Imam helps Mandana in wearing dhoti. Salman asks Nimrat what she thinks, Nimrat says boys have worn sarees really well, Akshay says Keith have put bindi in middle of forehead, Imam ask them to stop task, Akshay asks Nimrat whom she is liking most between them? Nimrat says i like Rochelle’s getup most, Rochelle thanks her, she says weldone Rochelle, Rochelle dances, Salman laughs. Salman ask them to sit. they take off sarees and dhoties and sit down.

Salman says to inmates that Akshay and Nimrat are with us and now we will talk about elimination. The one who is safe today will go to finale week, he says RISHAB IS SAFE, Rishab is happy. Salman says MANDANA IS SAFE, Mandana hugs Rochelle, Salman says KEITH IS SAFE, Keith cant believe it, all clap for him, Rishab asks Keith to wake up. Salman says Priya and Rochelle are in danger zone, he ends call.

Salman says Rochelle and Priya are in danger, one will go from house, he greets Akshay and Nimrat and says they have assignment Airlift, he hugs Akshay, greets Nimrat, Akshay thanks audience, they leave.

Salman says Akshay is most talented actor, he does action, romance, comedy everything, he is most versatile actor. Salman says Akshay will evict contestant from house today.

Akshay comes back in house, all are excited to see him again. Akshay says i have come to pick one from Rochelle or Priya. he says PRIYA IS EVICTED, Priya cries, Keith says we are happy to know you Priya, Priya hugs Rishab and says you have to win, Akshay takes Priya and leaves.

Akshay and Nimrat brings Priya to helipad, Priya sits in helicopter with them and leaves.

Salman says she was so close to finale but is evicted. Top 5 are RISHAB, KEITH, MANDANA, ROCHELLE AND PRINCE. Now we will see who is going to be winner from these 5, he signs off from show.


PRECAP- Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasai comes in house, Mandana screams in excitement seeing them, she runs and hugs Tushar. Tushar tells Mandana that there is chaos going on outside house. Clip is shown to inmates, in clip, Ekta Kapoor says Mandana signed my movie before this show so she has to come out of Bigg boss rightnow else there can be legal sue of 5crores on her, clip ends. Mandana says to Aftab that this week is finale, Aftab says you have to take decision, Mandana cries, Imam tries to console her, Mandana this is not fair.


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