BB9 Day 93 13th January 2016 Written Updates Bigg Boss 9 Wu Ep Kaun Imam task

BB9 Day 93 13th January 2016 Written Updates Bigg Boss 9 Wu Ep Kaun Imam task :- Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 episode 13th January 2016 written updates bb9 day 93 double trouble 13 jan 93rd ep wu summary full hd video colors tv Kaun Imam task so guys you are right place here without wasting your time scroll down your page to read details below. Inmates square measure given task to ignore Islamist absolutely. Islamist says task has started, Islamist takes Rochelle’s personal photos and tries to electrify her. Islamist imitates patrician, he’s sitting on couch, patrician tries to tilt couch thus he will fall off. Islamist puts ton of stuff on bedroom’s door so no one will enter, patrician tries to return within, Islamist says currently show violence, he pushes away patrician and says currently get aggressive with American state. He makes noise with pan and says come to life folks else you’ll be destroyed, he pours cream and potatoes on Priya’s head, he breaks plate, he shouts on Rishab to not be physical with him, he laughs like hell.

Bigg Boss 9 13th January 2016 Written Updates

Day 94


inmates wake up to song mera naam lakhan, Imam is sleeping in sky lounge in garden, inmates wake up and dance, Keith and Rochelle hugs. Mandana and Imam dances.

Mandana says to Imam that i cant accept your offer, i have reached till this stage alone so i dont wanna use and throw anyone for my benefit, Imam says great, i just wanted to see if you are real or can throw anyone under bus to win, you did good, he hugs her.

Priya says to Imam that you hided my clothes? Imam says maybe someone else have hidden your clothes, Priya says i just wanna tell you that i am fine without my that dress, Imam says dont tell me this, Priya says you can do anything to provoke us, Imam says there might be someone who wants to make controversies between us thats why he is doing it, play wisely.

Imam gives Rishab task to find Priya’s clothes, Prince laughs and says Imam you have done it, Imam says i am laughing because he is fool who has done it, Rishab goes to find it, Imam says maybe i might have given someone hidden task to hide her clothes so you have to find out who did that.

Rishab comes in washroom area and finds Priya’s clothes.

Imam says to Priya that i wanna make people see new Priya, in new haricut and all, Rishab brings her clothes, Imam asks who could have done it? Rishab says maybe Prince, Imam says you can go, we are talking, Priya thanks him, Rishab leaves.

Rishab asks Mandana who hide Priya’s clothes? Mandana says i dont know, Rishab says maybe Prince.


Mandana says to Rishab that why would Prince hide it? he is not nominated, Rishab says he can do it for entertainment, Mandana says you are not understanding my point, you are answering something else, Rishab says ask me, i will tell you, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, go, Rishab says dont bootlick me, you can do it with other people but not me.


Mandana says to Prince that i was asking simple question to Rishab that you are already in finale and why would you do it? Rishab is like you can do it for entertainment, Rishab comes there, Mandana says Rishab is too much in game, Rishab eats food from kitchen, Mandana asks him to get lost, Rishab dances and says i am going, Mandana says get lost, Mandana leaves making food and says i will not make it, she leaves, Prince says it was her duty, she left.

Mandana comes Imam and says Prince and Rishab are so much curious about you that why you came here and all.

Rishab says Mandana is so much buttering Imam that she will fall flat.

Mandana says Rishab have abused my father, my family, my boufriend, Imam says i know how much Rishab can stoop low.


Task is given to people, task name is ‘ignore imam’, Imam will do things to irritate inmates and get reaction out of them, he can do anything to get their attention but if inmates give him reaction then they will be out of game, Imam tries to talk to inmates but they leave, Imam says game has started now.

Priya says to Keith and Rochelle that its really difficult to ignore Imam but we stay together then we will be able avoid him more.

Imam tries to tease Mandana who is washing dishes by lying on platform but she doesnt look at him.

Prince says to Priya that BB9 inmates are ahead of everyone, Imam says if you people were then we wouldnt have been brought in? Prince says to Priya that i was talking as we are latest contestants. Imam says girls play nice in this house but Prince is lazy, jerk and totally useless person, he is so cheap that he used his sister to get ahead in game, Kishwar did her duty as sister but i wish if she can forgive him but Prince even used his relations, Imam puts sofa near bedroom door, Rishab comes there and says i am not able to go inside, he asks Prince to help him, Prince slips sofa on which Imam was sitting, Imam stand up, Prince opens door, Imam says he is getting physical, it used to happen in BB6 too.


Prince says in camera that thanks for bringing entertainment in house, Imam sit near bedroom door and puts sofa, suitcase near it so that they cant come in, Prince tries to move him, Imam sings poems funnily, he says Prince is getting physical again, Prince makes him move and go inside bedroom, he starts taking Imam’s thing, Imam says if i am invisible then why is he taking my things? Imam sit inbetween bedroom door, Prince tries to move him, Imam says you wanna get physical? lets play now, he pushes Prince aside, Keith looks at him, Imam says i got reaction from Keith Bigg boss. Keith puts imam’s things in store room.

Mandana asks Keith to not take his things till Bigg boss’s orders, i dont like it.

Rishab is using Imam’s stuff, Imam comes there and says its not related to task but i personally dont like someone using my stuff, give it back to me else i will puke on you, i am saying true, i wont care, i will vomit on you, Rishab doesnt budge, Imam says fine, Imam comes in kitchen area, puts milk boxes ,,in suitcase, he comes in garden and throws suitcase in pool.


imam puts chairs, table near living area door and doesnt allow Rishab to come in, Imam says if someone tries to mess with me then i will treat them like dogs, Prince and Rishab tries to move chairs, Imam says they are getting physical with me, they have been violent whole season, i am playing intelligently but they just cant intelligent, Rishab tries to come in living area but Imam stops him and shouts to not get physical with me, Rishab asks Priya to make tea for him, Priya says i will make it for you, Imam shouts on Rishab that i will beat shit out of you, Rishab ignores Imam and talks to Priya, Imam says nothing can be more dangerous than me, Priya brings food for Rishab, imam blocks her way, Priya pushes plate outside living area, Imam says they are disrespecting food, getting physical with me so i am not enjoying this task.


Imam throws potatoes on Priya who is working in kitchen, she doesnt react, Imam says i showed humanity, now i will show animal behavior, he pours cream on her hairs, Imam says they have done it all in tasks, now i am giving them back to what they did, he asks Bigg boss who blew chili in other eyes? he brings chili, and comes to Rochelle, Priya says to Rochelle that you know meditation? Rochelle says yes, Imam is about to blow chili in her eyes, Rochelle calls Keith but Rishab comes and takes Rochelle from Imam, Rishab starts putting potatoes back in basket, Imam says when i am not present here then why he is picking it up? they dont know how to play task.


Imam says to Keith and Rochelle that come inside lounge else i will be bad with you.

Imam imitates Prince that i can do anything for task, i am different in task, Prince claps, Imam says do clap, maybe you will find some work like this, this is only work you can get.

Prince is wearing shoes and sitting on sofa, imam says put shoes down, i am OCD, i will not let you put shoes on sofa, Prince says i will do it, what will you do? imam says dont give me reaction, imam acts like blowing chili in Priya’s face but doesnt, Priya blinks, Imam says i got her reaction. Imam says Bigg boss i will smack Prince’s face, tell him to behave.

Bigg boss says ‘ignore Imam’ task is finished, Imam has slipper in his hands and says they ended task as they knew i would throw slipper on your face. Prince says this is not BB6 that we are afraid of Imam, dont talk cheap about me, Imam claps and says you are eunuch, Prince says they are human too, Imam says i know, Prince says you maybe imam in your house, imam says dont mess with me, Prince sits on sofa with shoes, Imam says i will test him in tasks, Prince says you can as much as you want but you have my victory in your hands, Imam says even you have your victory in your hands., your victory is doomed, Prince raps song, Imam shouts you are doomed, doomed, Prince leaves, Imam says he lost chance to win show, Rishab says this is in God’s hands, Imam says i know you are talking as friend but i have a problem, a clinical problem but he is antagonizing me using shoes on sofa, as a friend i am telling you to not put shoes on sofa as i have problem, i could have done anything in task, i could have used chili, shoes but i didnt, i didnt do anything, Rochelle says Imam i wanna say that you didnt do anything bad, Imam hugs her, Priya tries to talk to Imam but Imam ignores her, Rochelle asks Imam to not exclude Prince, Imam says to Rochelle that this is my plan, let me play with Prince, let me make him learn how it feels to be cornered as he has always played in group, Priya says you were excluded in your season and now you are doing same with Prince? this is not good, you did good in task, Prince all are human here, Priya says you did task well but after that whatever you said, shame on you, Imam says shame on you, Priya says you did task well, Imam says i am challenging you all to bear me, Prince says game is one, Priya says obey, obey, obey, she tries to irritate Imam, Imam says she footage queen, what she thinks that i will give her footage.


Imam says to Mandana that task was well, i could have done anything but i didnt as professional.

Priya says to inmates that the one who is excluding is doind wrong and the one who is supporting is wrong too, Rochelle says i didnt support his exclusion thing, i told him he is wrong.

Mandana says to imam that they have put your things in store room and i asked Keith to not do it. Imam says you know the suitcase i threw in pool is my suitcase, Priya is trying to take Prince on her side, she is a fool, they are item kids, if they had achieved anything then they would have been away me.

milk,, dhanda,, Mandana you great, i know my job,,

Rochelle,, excluded on time to time,,

imam says to Priya that my image was damaged in BB6 but i know how to play game, i am not into politics of house, he asks Rochelle what i told you? Rochelle says you said Prince excluded many people in house so he wanna make him feel that, Priya says but this is not good, Rochelle says i took stand to not do it, i told Imam that, Imam takes Rochelle from there. Prince says that i felt bad when Rochelle said that i made people feel excluded, Keith says why would i say to her? you tell her.

Rishab comes to Imam, he says i wanna give messages to my friends through you, i wanna say sorry to Mandana, Imam asks Mandana to come and sit, she sits beside Rishab, Rishab says my method is what you sow shall you reap, i was hurt because of her behavior but i dont want you to go from show thinking that i am bad person, i am sorry for abusing you, it happened and we cant change it, sorry, Mandana says its okay.


Rishab asks Prince that after show if he invites Yuvika in party, will he have problem with that? Prince says no, Rishab teases him that oh you dont have problem? Prince says i was clear with Yuvika, she told me that she knows about my feelings but she cant move ahead with me because of her past and family so i am fine with it, she is my friend and will have fun, Rishab says i will call everyone whom i met in house, in party i will tease you and Yuvika, you might be coming with your girlfriend and Yuvika will be coming with her boyfriend, and i will tease you both, he says in bigg boss finale, i will dance with Yuvika, you would be dancing with Nora and will be seeing Yuvika and me from corner of your eyes, she used to smile so much that even my jawline would hurt, Prince says Yuvika is nice girl, Rishab says no she is not nice, she is very nice girl, i mean for you, Prince says sometimes i feel like breaking your head, they laugh.

Prince game finished,, i have win in hand,, shout end, priya laugh,,


PRECAP- Bigg boss gives task to inmates, task name is ‘commander Imam’, Bigg boss house is turned into boot camp and inmates are cadets of commander Imam. Imam makes inmates to rigorous regime, Priya and Prince smiles, imam says you are making fun of me? you will be punished, he asks Priya to eat chili powder, she puts it in mouth and puffs it out. Imam makes Rochelle stand on ice brick, Priya breathes heavily due to excessive workout ordered by Imam, Mandana says i cant do all this, Rishab says i wont cut my hairs, Imam says you have to, Rishab says now you wont be able to even touch them at all, Imam shouts shut up.


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