BB9 Day 88 7th January 2016 Written Updates Bigg Boss 9 BB Wu 7 jan episode

BB9 Day 88 7th January 2016 Written Updates Bigg Boss 9 BB Wu 7 jan episode :- Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 episode 7th January 2016 written updates bb9 day 88 double trouble 7 jan 88th ep wu summary full hd video colors tv Nomination so guys you are right place here without wasting your time scroll down your page to read details below. Priya reads next task for “ticket finale week”. Mandana, Kishwar and aristocrat can contend for this. In task, they need to press the button, the one World Health Organization can press button 1st can win award of six,33,333(six lacs,,) however can got to leave house right then and therefore the one World Health Organization can press the button in last can get price tag to finale week. Mandana, Kishwar and aristocrat thinks and ar finite. Buzzer plays, Mandana and Kishwar presses button at sametime, Rochelle is shocked.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 88 7th January 2016 Written Updates

Day 88


They wake up to song ‘Kya Karein Kya Naa Karein’ which sets the tone for the day. Mandana kisses her bf’s picture. Prince dances with Mandana, Keith caresses Rochelle’s face. Mandana says Bigg boss should explain, Priya explains her meaning of song and says task will on these lines.


Priya says to Kishwar that i attacked Rochelle in end, you all were attacking Rishab, Mandana was doing it openly but when i attacked Rochelle, Rochelle was like God help me, and all, Kishwar laughs, Priya says i was hurt too in task.

Rochelle says i dont want Priya’s explanations now, Prince says i told her that i wont be in contact with her after show, i get negative vibes from her. Keith says Priya was crying and asking me to give her 5minutes, she talks about humanity but she doesnt have it, Prince says she can win title but not respect, what will she do with money then, Keith says she will get just trophy, nothing else.


Mandana says to Priya that you fought with Rishab but Rishab was sitting like girl, he didnt even protect you, what was that? he was hiding like girl, Kishwar says atleast Prince did something but Rishab didnt do anything, he played sly game, Priya says he didnt ask me to help him, i chose to help him, Prince says you were openly supporting him, he asked you to attack Mandana, Priya says you didnt listen he asking me to not attack Rochelle, he asked me to just help him and not attack anyone, you didnt listen that.


Rishab is sitting silently, Priya asks what happened? Rishab says i lost opportunity, Priya says you played 80% defensive and 20% attack. Kishwar says to Prince that Rishab stayed silent and made Priya fight his war.

Priya says to Rishab that you were defensive but you had that plan, you missed opportunity but that doesnt mean you cant get any other opportunity, you will get another one.


Bigg Boss announces the next stage of the Road to Finale’ week, Priya reads it. This task is held in the garden area and Prince, Mandana and Kishwer have to enter designated fenced boxes where each one of them have assigned buzzer, they cant get anything to eat or drink, Rochelle is supervisor of task, task will start after buzzer plays. they will be given three options, depending on what they chose, they will win or lose the game, options are:

A) The first one (out of the three) to press the buzzer will be out of the game and he/she will continue to stay in the house as a normal contestant.

B) Whoever presses the buzzer second, will be out of the house, however he/she will receive a total sum of Rs.6,33,333(six lacs thirty three thousand three hundred thirty three rupees). Priya claps at this, Rochelle is shocked listening this option.

(C) If the person presses the buzzer third i.e last then he/she will directly get the ‘ticket to the finale’.

Buzzer plays, Mandana presses the button, Kishwar presses it too, Prince says task was not started, you played buzzer when task’s buzzer was still playing, game was not started, Mandana says i kept pressing button, keith reads instruction that when buzzer starts playing, they have to take decision, Mandana says i took decision, Rochelle says Bigg boss i am confused, Mandana had to play buzzer for 5seconds and i dont know if played buzzer for 5seconds or not, Rochelle asks Bigg boss can she talk with him as her hindi is not also strong, Bigg boss says Mandana pressed the button first so she is out of task and race to ticket to finale, he says to Kishwar that you pressed the buzzer in confusion after Mandana as you thought task will start after we play buzzer completely so we are giving you chance again, you are still in game.

Mandana says to Prince that many people made relation here, that of brother-sister etc, now its time for Kishwar and Prince to show their relation, they said that they will be happy to see other one winning, Priya says they always said they will go to top 2, Mandana says Prince told Kishwar to press the button, he knew that he can sit in task for 40hours but i cant so he wanted Kishwar to press the button.

Prince says to Kishwar that you had to play buzzer, Kishwar says i got confused and she saw you pointing me to play buzzer first so she also pressed it, i thought game will start after buzzer playing, Priya comes there and says i asked Mandana why she fought so much in sand task when she had to leave in this task like this? she said that she cant stay without food, if i was in her place, i wouldnt have pressed the button, i would have sat in task, Rochelle says she did right, Priya says she did task according to her body, Keith says i will be with you Kishwar and Prince. Mandana comes and says to Prince that sorry, i cant compete with you in task, he says you dont need to me sorry. Kishwar says i will compete in this task.

Mandana says in camera that Kishwar and Prince kept calling each other sister-brother but now its time to see what they will do for each other, now is their real challenge.

Kishwar is sad, Keith asks Kishwar to not think much, you dont have to give tension to yourself, Kishwar cries and says this is unfair, Rochelle says i know, Kishwar says i worked so hard, this is very unfair, Keith asks her to not think negative, Rochelle says they wanna see how much you can fight, Kishwar says what if i and Prince press the button together at sametime? then this task might get terminated, Mandana says Bigg boss can even ask you both to leave house for pressing button together, dont go for wild ideas, Keith says this is mind game, dont stress yourself, Mandana says you both are brother and sister, dont think about pressing button together.


inmates put suyyash and Kishwar’s photo infront of Kishwar to make her feel good, Prince says i will leave this game for Kishwar, i will do it for her, she is my sister, Kishwar says no, Prince says i wont let her go, then i will beat her outside house, Keith says dont think like this, Prince says to Kishwar that we both will fight, we will keep sitting here and Bigg boss will have to discard this task. Rishab says to Priya that you become legend when you think your competitors as legend.

Priya says to Kishwar that we were happy that Mandana pressed buzzer first, Prince asks her to not talk negative and go clean platform, Priya says Prince you are so bad captain that you dont even know that i cleaned platform of kitchen last night, Prince says Kishwar did it, Prince says Priya leave, Priya says to Prince that now i will show you how difficult i am to handle, i will not do anything, Prince says you have ego only and you cant do anything, you shut up, Prince asks her to shut up, Rochelle says she is creating drama as she knows that this episode is all about you and Kishwar, Priya says really.


Prince says to Priya that you take our jokes seriously too, Priya says you are so image conscious that whatever you say in spur of moment, you call it joke then, Prince says you can say anything about me, you didnt even come in show from day one, Priya says you have ego that you came in this house from day one, i came on 48th day and you are here for 87days but we are equal.

Rochelle says to Rishab that these fights will not work in favor of Priya, Rishab agrees.

Mandana says to Priya that you came in show in middle, you are not equal to us, open your eyes, Rishab says how? Mandana says Priya you do nothing but just fight, Priya says everyone can come in middle of show, Mandana dances and teases her, Priya says no one is strong or weak, Priya says anyone can win but i want people to not say who is weak or who is strong, i will like it when Mandana gets evicted before me, Rochelle says why you fight with everyone in this house? Keith says atleast think about Prince and Kishwar who are in emotional dilemma, Priya says if Mandana tries to provoke me then i will talk back.

Priya says to Rishab that how can Mandana say that we are wild cards and we are not equal to them.

Mandana sys to Rochelle that i wanted to say they are not on same level emotionally like us, Rochelle says you didnt use right words.

Priya says to Rishab that Mandana is saying we are not on same level and when i am trying to clear it, all are silent and telling me to not talk, Rishab says they are getting hyper as they wanted Mandana to be in task, now one of the friends will go out of house, when group wil break then it will be fun to play.


Rishab says to Priya that Kishwar and Prince have got stuck in their trap only, Priya says they are like this, they wanted to keep their group strong, its like they fight with me first then asks me why i am sitting alone and i should sit with them as if i am their puppy, and will go behind them.

kishwar says to Rochelle that how can one of the original player should leave house like this? i dont have problem with elimination but going out like this is not good, we have not come here to get 6lacs, my aim is to go in top 5, Prince says Bigg boss you cant throw us out.

Rishab says to Priya that i dont think this task will be discarded.

Rochelle says this task’s main aim is that original player sit together and talk, Keith says even wild cars can come here, Mandana says really father Keith? i dont want them here, Keith says fine, Mandana laughs, Rochelle says i dont have problem with Rishab, i can joke with him but Priya, i cant even talk to her, Mandana agrees.


Rishab says to Keith that they can even lie down in fences, Priya says it is designed in such a way that they cant be comfortable in it, Prince says i am not talking to you, why you are talking about my position and if i am comfortable or not, i didnt ask you to comment on it, Priya says everyone was talking about this only here but the time i started talking, you gotta problem with it? what you think that if you have problem with me opening mouth then i will stop talking? i will continue talking.


Bigg boss says to inmates that we are increasing amount from 6,33,333 to 8lacs for the person pressing buzzer second, this amount will be deducted from prize money of winner, Prince says it will go till 25lacs, very smart Bigg boss, Kishwar says we will not leave like this. Keith says there is twist in story, Rishab says price will keep increasing.


Keith says to Prince that you are potential winner, now prize money will keep decreasing, Rishab says there is also possibility that we will get task to increase prize money again in next week, Kishwar says this is stupidity to leave house at this stage when you know that you are potential winner, this is my first reality show, i will win it, Prince says i am here to win too.

Priya says to Mandana that Prince is very image conscious, he might leave too.

Rochelle says to Kishwar that if you leave show then you will be able to pee in your bathroom, Kishwar laughs. Kishwar sys to Prince that how many reality show you will win? get the extra amount and leave, Prince says this is last show of mine, Kishwar says go out and meet Suyyash and Nora.

Mandana says i want to know end of this task, who is going today, Priya says i wanna see you going, Mandana says goodluck.

Kishwar says to Prince that you can leave task for Priya but not for me? today i know there are no real relations in reality show.

Rishab says to Mandana that they thought its easy to win over you but it trapped them both, Mandana says i saw Prince pointing Kishwar to press button first.

Mandana says to Kishwar that you are brother-sister, decide both, Kishwar says brother have won 3shows, he can leave, Prince says i wanna win 4th show, Kishwar says you are greedy, Priya says Prince said in start of show that he can leave show for his sister, Kishwar says i am joking, even i wouldnt like Prince to leave show for me, Prince says exactly, Priya says that is different, Prince says Priya you are here to provoke us? Priya says you said it, Mandana says you said that you can leave for sister, Prince says i said that if i leave show then my sister should win, Mandana says this is time to prove your relation, Kishwar says i already announced everything is fake, nothing is real here, Prince says ..


Priya says to Kishwar and Prince that maybe one of you will leave in middle of night so bye, she leaves. Kishwar says she is very happy, Bigg boss you really want Priya to come in top 5? Prince says we are working for this show from start, you want one from potential winners to leave so that Priya can go to top 5? seriously Bigg boss?


Keith, Rochelle are sleeping in garden, Kishwar feels cold and covers herself with shawl. bigg boss says there is so much cold in house that even relationships are sharing cold shoulder to each other, lets see what is lying ahead as game is at crucial stage.


PRECAP– Kishwar and Prince are determined to win ticket to finale. Bigg boss increases prize from 8lac to 10lacs for person leaving house. Priya says its like deal, the person is giving other the ticket to finale while taking money. Mandana says Kishwar that whats your priority money, friendship or game? kishwar is tensed. Bigg boss says to inmates that there will be no change in options of this task, one from Kishwar or Prince has to leave from house for sure. Prince says to Kishwar that i wanna see my mom dad on finale stage, Kishwar says i really hope to take right decision, we are competitors, you have other competitors in house too, Prince says if i go to finale then my fans, friends from Punjab are going to vote for me alot, Kishwar says if there is even 1% chance of me winning over you then we shouldnt do this mistake, Prince says i am sorry Bigg boss. All housemates hugs Prince and it seems like Prince have decided to leave, Kishwar shed tears.


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