BB10 Day 19 4th November 2016 Written Updates Bigg Boss 10 Today Ep Wu

BB10 Day 19 4th November 2016  Written Updates Bigg Boss 10 Today Ep Wu : Watch today episode of Bigg Boss Season 10. A day in the Bigg Boss house is not finished without somebody crying in the house or somebody lashing out. As of recently, Bigg Boss was being tolerant with the competitors yet on Thursday, he has put his foot down. Indeed, even after rehashed notices from Bigg Boss, housemates declined to comply with the run of talking just in Hindi. What’s more, offenders Bani, Rahul, and Gaurav were rebuffed for this. Bigg Boss requests that they pedal a sewing machine continually till further requests. If your are looking for the written updates or full summary then go through this article.

Day 19


Song baba re plays, prisoners get up, Manu offers morning supplications. Swami comes to Mona, they begin moving. Swami hits the dance floor with Lopa as well, he flicks his hair replicating, Lopa gives him hello there five.


Rohan rings ringer and says i need Swami to clean correctional facility as somebody will go to prison and its untidy, Swami says i will need to go just so i will clean yet this resemble rendering retribution, he is doing this since he was requested that paint. Mona says room is filthy, Manveer says did somebody crapped there? Mona says now we requesting that you work so its about crap? Manu says he will clean, Mona says i never said that i will do later. Swami says this isn’t right to deliver retribution. Rohan says in the event that you

Rohan says in the event that you dont begin working then i will place you in prison, Swami says even your dad doesnt have quality to place me in prison, Rohan requests that he clean quick, at this moment. Mona says Niti is not doing any work simply doing cosmetics, i never whined about anything, Manveer says no issue. Rohan says to Swami who is cleaning correctional facility, he says dont put floor brush on bed, somebody will rest. Swami takes off sweeper and says dont smolder in requital ruler, Rohan says if will be in prison, i need it clean, Lopa says we welcome you when you do great yet when you say sick words then we condem it, Swami says i do every one of my errands.


Manveer says why they are ringing ringer for everything? Manu says when they need to request individual work then they need to ring chime. Manu says along these lines peace will be decimated, Manveer says Mona didnt hear me out, Manu says they did amiss with Mona and she ought to inspire time to unwind, her entire group is torment her, Manveer says however what is distinction amongst Rohan and Mona on the off chance that she is getting revenge as well? Manu says let her quiet down, let her do this then she will converse with us, dont think our young ladies are blameless, Manveer says i called Lokesh to talk yet Mona said first she will do cleaning. Manu says once Lokesh requested Mona to clean mug in which some fly crapped, let Lokesh review her standard, she has overlooked from where she truly is, she is taing rivalry with Mona, let Mona quiet down, we cannot stop anybody, let Mona do this one day.


Lopa is in bikini wear and Mona too. They enter pool and start swimming while Swami and Manu are sitting on couch in garden watching them. Lopa says water is cold, Mona throws water on her. In lounge, Bani says Manu is lip tightened. Gaurav asks Manu to sing some song, Manu says i got confused and came back, Gaurav says you are on hanging mode, Manu says i have kept door open as i will go back. Manu asks Niti to go and check Lopa, see how is taking bath. Niti goes in garden with Manu and sees Lopa and Mona swimming.

Swami is watching them swim in pool. Swami says what a ada(grace). Lopa didnt you clean? Manveer laughs, Swami says we make daughters take bath in childhood, its about intentions, i am just asking her to clean herself off. Manu sits in Manveer’s lap and says you should not see sight, Niti laughs, Lopa comes out of pool and wraps cloth on her waist. Manu is watching them. Manveer says Lopa is not getting evicted now, Manu says yes. Swami agrees.


bigg boss says to detainees that its opportunity to pick one prisoner from both groups who they think took less part in assignment and ought to be sent to imprison. Ordinary people go to room to talk about. Bani says to her group that we ought to vote out.

Manu asks Manveer who ought to go? he says Niti, she began well. Niti says my vote against Manveer, he didnt bolster his significant other in errand. Naveen says my vote is against Niti. Naveen says Niti began faking battles from begin which occupied our psyches, Niti says it was not fake, it was honest to goodness, Niti says you individuals didnt offer significance to little girl in law character. Manu says to Niti that perhaps it will work for you, you ought to go to prison, Swami says Mona got spared from removal, Niti says its that the reason then dont send me, Manu says votes are against you as well.

Mona votes against Karan. Lopa says Bani partook less, she got harmed second day yet her inclusion was less first day as well. Bani says i needed to take Lopa’s name nearly. Rahul says Lopa and Karan worked in kitchen 24hours so they cannot be voted out, Mona cannot be voted out as well. Manu says its simple to send Swami to imprison. Lokesh says i feel awful. Manu says to his group that they all call each different as sibling so why dont go to imprison for others? in the event that they send Mona then i will switch with Niti’s put.

Karan says i took pictures most, Mona says i did one slip-up in clothing assignment and you individuals rebuffed me and now its so troublesome for you individuals to pick? Rohan and Karan hurl that who ought to go between them? Karan picks on clench hand as hurl and it turns out Rohan’s name, he says i will go to prison, its alright, Rahul says no man. Manu says to Mona that on the off chance that you individuals cannot take choice this time then shouldn’t something be said about next time? Mona says no one needs to do awful to other now however they didnt reconsider when they chose to send me to imprison, Manu says that leave your group and go to our group, we will bolster you, Mona says they are all acting pleasant now, they didnt weaver to take my name prior for discipline.


bigg boss requests that Mona advise their identity sending to imprison? Mona says we are sending Karan to prison, he was not prepared to offer back rub to Naveen, he couldnt take photographs obviously as well. Lokesh says we are sending Niti to imprison on the grounds that in begin, she began contending with her group as it were. Bigg boss says Karan and Niti will go to imprison till next request from bigg boss, Manu will be corrections officer, Manu says meet them before they. Rahul says to Mona why she gave that reason? botch happened from everybody, Mona says he was terrified to take photographs as well, Bani took photographs decisively as well.


Karan and Niti are secured imprison. Lokesh says bye, Karan says we are not going out. Swami says father Karan, its great mix, beautiful young lady and good looking you, Karan says it will matter, Niti says its fine whatever.


Gaurav says to Bani that we get to be predisposition in light of our suppositions and now and then we are not inclination but rather impressions indicate it, Bani says give me strong reason, i needed to take Rahul’s name to send to imprison. Bigg boss says to detainees that utilization just hindi language(Bani was utilizing english). Bani says i dont comprehend him, Gaurav says i dont comprehend his conclusions yet i like him as individual.


Manu brings nourishment for Niti, she inquires as to why no heartbeat? he says its completed, Swami gives her rice. Niti says i wont eat this, this is stale rice, Manveer says i cooked it now just, Niti says i cannot eat straightforward rice, she gives it back to Swami, Swami says she will stay hungry, Manveer clears out. Niti says he took 4hours and what he is giving me? Karan says he ought to have given us sustenance to start with, Niti says what he is giving me? rice from yesterday. Manveer says she is talking an abundant excess.


Mona is eating sustenance, Gaurav asks is it fine? we ought to eat as well? Mona says all have eaten, Gaurav says no, nobody ate, Mona says all ate, Gaurav says you have issue, you dont tune in, Mona says i didnt know whether all of you ate, Gaurav says we inquired as to whether you needed to eat and somebody said that you dont need to eat rightnow. He requests that her abandon it, eat. Gaurav says i am asking since somebody let me know that you dont need to eat, it must misconstrue, he clears out. Manu says to Mona that they are doing this deliberately.<br/>

Naveen says i would have felt great if got designated and get spared, i will be so upbeat. Swami says you individuals are not joined together, Naveen says we are, Manveer says you dont talk in regards to solidarity, we set aside all opportunity to placate you, Manu says each year psycho like him comes in house however nobody converses with him and he goes home yet we are everyday citizens so we attempt to conciliate him. Naveen says Manu and Swami played well. Manu says Gaurav was attempting to incite me that Swami is calling me be a tease, i said it will advance me as it were. Bigg Boss says to detainees that in the event that you talk in

Manu says Gaurav was attempting to incite me that Swami is calling me be a tease, i said it will advance me as it were. Bigg Boss says to detainees that in the event that you talk in english in hindi show then whats the point? a few prisoners are breaking this run the show. breaking this run most is Gaurav, Bani and Rahul. Dislike they dont know rules and dont know hindi so the main reason is that they are breaking rules purposely and on the off chance that it is occurring then they can be given rebuffed. He requests that Naveen read guidelines. Swami expresses gratitude toward Bigg Boss supervisor for advancing hindi. Naveen peruses guidelines that Gaurav, Bani and Rahul need to run sewing machine with their feet persistently till next request from

Naveen peruses guidelines that Gaurav, Bani and Rahul need to run sewing machine with their feet persistently till next request from bigg boss as discipline, they need to stay wakeful all the time and on the off chance that they quit sewing then alert will play in house. Today evening time when lights of house will go off and they stop machine then lights of house will be on and all prisoners will be arouse up, this undertaking will be proceeded till next requests from bigg boss.


Ringer plays. Rahul, Bani and Gaurav comes in garden. Bani gets hit by light hanging there. Bani begins sewing. She asks where are other two frantic individuals? Bani says why is it stalling out in machine? Mona says she is as yet talking in english. Swami says you individuals need to stay here. Bani requests that Swami leave, i need to do my work, please. Manveer says Swami let them utilize machine. She doesnt need to talk, its futile to converse with her.


Naveen says we will stay alert, caution will play. Lopa asks what is run the show? Naveen says in the event that they stop machine then alert will begin playing. Gaurav says Bani break most run, Rohan says then Rahul then you. Bani is running machine, Rahul is helping her. Rahul requests fabric and says seat is moving a ton. Mona requests that utilization tissue, he goes to discover fabric. Some amusing caution begins playing, some voice of snickering evilly plays. Lopa says in what manner will be rest this way? Bani is running machine and says atleast two individuals must be here. Gaurav is lying on bed inside room.


Manveer says to Mona that you can change style yet not considering somebody. Bani supposes in the event that she utilize english then we won’t comprehend and she can say anything, Mona says she let me know whether i dont comprehend english, Mona says affirm i dont talk easily in english yet why might i utilize english when its not permitted here? Manveer says your distinction is expanding with them then by what means will you stay in group? you recognize what you need to do.


Rahul is running machine now and Bani has enjoyed reprieve. Bani says to Mona and Gaurav that Lopa goes to washroom so such a great amount of time amid assignment. I held up outside washroom to utilize washroom however she was in washroom for so much time that i needed to thump yet she didnt turn out, Bani takes off. Mona says Bani and Lopa have issue. Lopa comes and says control her, i am losing my brain, i was perched on pot while she was slamming washroom entryway from outside,

Lopa comes and says control her, i am losing my brain, i was perched on pot while she was slamming washroom entryway from outside, its not my issue in the event that she didnt utilize washroom to begin with, in what capacity would i be able to stop my procedure? what she anticipate from me? I was working out with Rohan. we were conversing with Swami and she was extending and said that i need peace, dotn talk, cant we talk now? Rahul says what you need to do, do it, i won’t bolster anybody indiscriminately, i will do what i need. Lopa says Bani needs to understand that 14people live in this house and she needs to do alteration, i am doing as well and i dont yell.


Gaurav and running machine now. Bai is sitting with him. Bani says to Gaurav that individuals are focusing on me yet i dont like fake individuals, be straight up man, in the event that you dont then you are defeatist. Gaurav says individuals feel that you are off, all believe that, i am letting you know too wisher, dont talk on the off chance that you dont need however dont insult as well, i dont need you snap, i know you will snap. Bani says when did i snap? Gaurav says you snapped at me, they whined me about you so i am educating you, Bani asks who grumbled regarding me? let me know, i dont mind however let me know unmistakably. Gaurav says Swami, Lopa, Rahul and Mona griped about you.

Bani says when i woke up today, i was crying, i was agony in body yet nobody came and inquired as to whether i am alright, this shows how much individuals think about others in this house, on the off chance that you need you can undoubtedly know whether somebody is disturbed, she gets enthusiastic and says i dont wanna cry now, she begins leaving, he says you cannot go, two individuals need to stay close machine. Bani shouts that i am remaining here just, she sits close pool. She says Lopa insult me a ton however i

She says Lopa insult me a ton however i dont care the slightest bit, these four individuals never conversed with me pleasantly and grumbling about me? i dont give a sh*t, i dont need to become more acquainted with them like they dont need, on the off chance that you need to converse with me then come converse with me, in the event that you comprehend me then you would know. Gaurav says i am not soliciting you to wind up companion from them, you are not giving me right replies. Bani says you requesting that I modify my conduct, Gaurav says i am simply regarding you, i let you know that i wont let you know names yet you demanded.


Manu is cleaning kitchen. Manveer says there is no chicken residual, i let you know i am not wrong, you know these celebs. Manu says they are not notwithstanding placing plates in sink, Swami says we were merciful, we will win possession once more, Manu says and this time i will give them intense time, i am furious that there is no chicken for my Manveer.


Manu says Gaurav said to Salman that i am rivalry for Gaurav and that was win for me since he is in industry for 12years and think i am rivalry, i can be clever however i am not keen, i despise it, i dont have regard for Naveen now. Swami says i talk great or terrible, both ways i am taken wrongly. Manu says naveen&#8217;s regard has gone forever, he picked Lokesh to battle against her since she was powerless and it indicates how weakling he is, i know i will achieve beat 6 yet for that, i dont know what number of individuals i will need to hurt. Swami says i overlooked that i have life outside this house and i did botches here, i have one and only day in this house, what would it be a good idea for me to do? Manu says human do botches, simply let them know that you dont have resentment and all ought to excuse me.


Bani is running machine. She tells Gaurav that i have been running it for 2hours, call Rahul to run it now, he says i dont think you ran it for 2hours, it must be only 45minutes, Bani says no chance man. Gaurav comes to Rahul and awakens him. Signal begins playing as Gauav has left from machine zone. Bani says why is it playing? she is running machine and Gaurav is sitting next to her as well. Manu turns out, they are laying at interesting sirens. Bani inquires as to whether lights are exchanged on? Manveer says yes. Gaurav says i just went crosswise over garden to call Rahul and they began playing siren. Lights are turned off once more.



PRECAP- Bani says to Gaurav that its cool triangle of Lopa, Rohan and Rahul and there is triangle of you, me and Karan. Gaurav says i hope there will be no confrontation, Bani says it will happen as there are confrontational people in house, it will happen in future. there will immunity task between Bani and Lopa. Lopa and Bani have tied ski on their feet. Bani is trying to disturb Lopa&#8217;s position. Swami says if one of them push other then she will go home. Bani tries to snatch cloth from Lopa, Lopa slips, and falls down, Bani standing behind her falls down too, Bani says keep playing. Lopa says you are not nice thats why you are you and i am me. Bani tries to remove ski from Lopa&#8217;s shoes, she is hovering over Lopa to untie her shoes, Lopa says she is getting physical, is it allowed Bigg boss? Bani moves away.


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