Navratri 3rd Day Maa Chandraghanta is Worshipped Mantra, puja, color & food

Navratri 3rd Day Maa Chandraghanta is Worshipped Mantra, puja, color & food : On Day 3 of Navratri, Maa Chandraghanta is adored. She is the bestower of peace and tranquility. She gives Supreme delight and information on her aficionados. She is the third type of ‘Maa Durga’ whom we adore all through the nine days of Navratri.

Maa Chandraghanta conveys an aural tranquility. Maa Chandraghanta got her name so since she has a “Chandra” – a moon on her brow which shows up as a “ghanta” – a ringer. The sound of the ringer averts abhorrent spirits from her aficionados.

You have to take after basic ceremonies to love Goddess Chandraghanta. You ought to first love every one of the Gods, Goddesses and Planets in the Kalash and after that offer supplication to Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya and Goddess Saraswati, Lakshmi, Vijaya, Jaya – the relatives of Goddess Durga. The pooja ought to be finished up by revering Goddess Chandraghanta took after by an ardent supplication to Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.

One can invoke Maa with this mantra –

या देवी सर्वभूतेषु माँ चंद्रघंटा रूपेण संस्थिता।

नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:।।
पिंडजप्रवरारुढ़ा चन्दकोपास्त्रकैर्युता !
प्रसादं तनुते मह्यं चन्द्रघंटेति विश्रुता !!

Navratri is an extraordinary event. A period for fresh starts and offering your devotion and respect to the Goddess Shakti. This Navratri, bring home and organization a Meru Prusth Shree Yantra – a delightful, divine image of the endowments of Goddess Lakshmi herself.


Updated: October 3, 2016 — 12:05 pm

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